The Way of the Lightworker

We all come into this life with a beautiful and wonderful purpose. Even if you never get on a Spiritual Path your just being here has made a difference. Your words, your thoughts, your actions have touched the soul of another. Some have chosen a very specific purpose, that of the Lightworker. I first heard the term “Lightworker” during a Past Life Regression in which I was being given some very specific information about my purpose here, this time around.

A Lightworker is a soul who comes here to help people. Everything they do is from the heart. Their mission (so to speak) becomes their life’s work, their soul’s purpose. They know it by the completeness they feel when they begin on their own Spiritual Journey. Many Lightworker’s will tell you stories of how they always felt like something was missing in their lives. Many spend years trying to fill that void with jobs, money, material things and relationships before they realize that their true happiness has been with them all along. It is in their heart and in their soul. It is being a Lightworker.

Lightworkers come down in groups, each with a very specific purpose, each with their own individual talents and gifts. Some will be healers. Some will be teachers. Some are here to convince the non-believers. Some are here simply to direct those already on their Spiritual path to future learning. Some never even enter on a Spiritual path but instead choose roles as nursing or other care giving roles. No one Lightworker knows everything. For it is when they come together that their energy reaches it’s highest level and great things can be achieved. It is very important for those seeking advice on their Spiritual path to know this, no one person has all the answers….the answers you seek are inside of you!

The job of a Lightworker is not to give you the answers you seek but instead to help you find them within yourself.

It is only natural that when you start on your own Spiritual journey you will want to seek out those who can help guide you, a teacher. In this craze of “New Age” one must carefully choose their teacher. A teacher is one who shares and grows with you. One who has a pure heart. One who never makes you feel small or undeserving. I am asked often, “How do I find someone good to work with on my Spiritual path?” My response is…always follow your intuition. One teacher may be great for another but not for you. Only you know what is best for you. Keep searching until you find the one who is for you. I promise it will be well worth the effort!

During the Past Life Regression I mentioned earlier, I was told by the therapist to ask if I had met other Lightworker’s in this life. I was told I had met many and would continue to meet many more. I was told I had met those who were truly Lightworker’s and those who pretended to be. The therapist then told me to ask how I am to know the difference. I was told, you will know it in your heart!