Spiritquest is Born

Angel On Earth

It was about a month or so after the accident. A close friend had invited me to a healing mass. We had gone to this church several times and I always felt great when I left. I said I would go but as the day progressed I started feeling sick and went to bed. My ex-husband heard a message on my machine from my friend reminding me to be ready by a certain time. He came in to remind me and I told him I was too sick to go. He sat on the side of my bed and very gently but firmly told me he loved me and I was going no matter how sick I was. He said I needed to find some way to get out of this “dark place” I was in. He literally dragged me out of bed, made me something to eat and sent me on my way.

A Message From Above
The church was filled with close to 200 people on that night. They had a very special guest, a prophetic singer. She was very well known and people had come from all over to see her. The room was filled with those who were terminally ill, those who had lost loved ones, those who had lost hope and those seeking guidance. She would work her way through the crowd approaching the ones she was guided to. She would deliver their message and spoke as if it was God speaking directly to the them. Finally she approached a woman sitting directly in front of me. As she deliver her message the energy coming through was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes and you couldn’t help but share in the pain of the woman receiving the message. The woman was so emotionally overwhelmed she had to be held up by two other people. As the message ended I wiped away the tears from my eyes and watched as she made her way back to the center aisle. She stood for a second and started heading down my aisle. I was shocked when she came up and asked for my hand. To this day I cannot remember all she said, nor can the friend who was with me. But the few things I do remember would change my life forever…

My Soul’s Purpose
My body began to tingle as I reached for her hand, my eyes filled with tears and I was instantly filled with an overwhelming feeling of love. Her message came directly from God. And she began to speak… “I know you think I have abandoned you but I have always been with you. I know you think everything you have always touched in your life has gone wrong, but very soon you will see how and why everything has happened the way it has. I am not done with you yet. You have much work to do for me. Very soon the most amazing blessings will come your way”. I fell back to my seat overwhelmed with emotion. All those horrible thoughts I had replayed in my head had been heard and had now were answered. I turned to my friend and told her I hoped she remembered everything because I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t remember half of it. My friend looked at me and said, “I was too busy crying.” We both laughed.

The Decision Was Made
I don’t think I will ever forget that hour drive home. It was the longest ride of my life. I had so much to think about. I felt so obligated to do something good with my life. I could not believe with all the people in that room, I was one of the ones spoken to . Who was I? People were terminally ill and in the scheme of things I just had a little accident. I knew I was here for a reason. I immediately took myself off my medicine and slowly started back to my readings and classes. It was in March of 1999 I decided to take the leap of faith and make it all official. I decided it was time for “SPIRITQUEST” to be born. I have never looked back since.

A Simple Goal
The goal of the center is very simple:
To help those on their Spiritual Path. To assist those in the need of guidance, support and healing. To teach others how to heal themselves as well as others.

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  • April 11, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Wow! Great story and message!…..I had a very similar experience myself recently…Love those Angels! LOL!!!..Hope to meet with you soon…John

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