• Jan  2008 DH Canvas

Happy New Year!
For many years I worked in retail and on sales commission.  I always loved the month of January because everyone started with a clean slate!  It didn’t matter if you were the best or the worst in sales, in January everyone started at zero.  I always used the month of January to set my goal and focus on the year I wanted to create for myself.

Of course, before you can focus on brining in the new you need to let go of the old.  So, as a tribute to the wonderful year ahead I thought I would answer a general question that I get A LOT!

How can I use meditation to let go of the past?

Meditation is such a valuable everyday tool.  It helps with everything from stress reduction, improving overall health & well being, overcoming fears & obstacles, achieving goal and letting go of the past (no matter what the issue).

Try this simple yet effective exercise:

Take a moment to close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Just take some nice deep breathes in and out.  Start at your feet tightening and releasing every muscle.  Continue this to the top of your head.  Visualize the things you need to let go of.  Picture each thing as see it placed before you, creating a circle around you.  As you continue breathing feel yourself becoming larger and larger until all the things around you are the size of ants.  Feel the power you now have over all you need to let go of.

Picture an angel with a huge broom sweeping up all the things you have placed around you.  See all the swept up “stuff” being placed in a box.  See yourself tying the box up with a beautiful ribbon.  Then see the angel taking it away.  As the angel gets further and further bring your focus back to your breathing.  Feel the lightness you now feel having let go of those issues from the past.  Finally take a few more breathes seeing yourself under a wonderful rainbow.  Then open your eyes!

Do this as many times as you need!  Remember once you do this exercise you have “let go” of the past so now stop focusing on it.  Instead focus only on what you want to bring in to your life.