Can we talk?

imagesOkay so let’s get right to it shall we. There is something that has really REALLY been bothering me.  Why do people prefer to be fed a line of bull rather than to hear the truth? I find it mindboggling!  Day in and day out I have people telling me things like “Well I went to a psychic fair (or some event) and THAT reader told me my boyfriend was going to come back to me. Yes, I know he has been married for 10 years and has 4 kids but the psychic said“.  Or “But Lisa Ann some other psychic told me that I would get that raise even though I have been at my job for 25 years and I have never gotten one before….the psychic said”.  WAKE UP PEOPLE! Serioulsy! I have nothing against fairs and we all know I am a professional psychic medium (and I have been for 20 years now) so clearly I am not anti psychic. However, not everyone is good.  Not every psychic has your best interest at heart.  Some will tell you exactly what you want to hear so you keep coming back! I am just begging people to use common sense.  Stop putting your life on hold waiting on things that are never going to happen because some “nut” told you it would!  Yes, this stuff gets me really upset because I see all the opportunities you are missing out on. I see first hand how you devalue yourself by waiting for things when you deserve so much better! And as someone who works so hard to always do the very best for my clients it infuriates me that there are people in my field who completely take advantage of people!

And while I am on my rant can we just lay to rest once and for all that NO ONE IS RUINING YOUR LIFE bydownload putting a curse on you. For the love of God people!  I don’t know how many more times I can explain that we come down here to advance our soul.  We do that by the experiences (good and bad) that we have.  If you fall for this nonsense you are giving your power away and that is why I get so upset with all of this baloney! You are in complete control of your life.  NO you can’t control everything that happens but you can absolutely control how you react to each and every situation.

I have dedicated my life to empowering people.  I tell ya that truth!  Those of you who have been to me know my speech….”you may not be thrilled with what I have to say and you may even leave not liking me very much and that is okay) because when the S#&^ hits the fan you will know exactly what to do BECAUSE you were prepared”. I don’t just tell ya what you want to hear.  I give to you straight!  I “assist” you in manuvering through life’s challenges. I empower you.  I make sure that when you leave you have a clear plan of action to make your life the best you can be!  I support and encourage you because I can see how truly wonderful your life can be!

images (1)On a side note I want you to know it is 6am on a Sat. Those of you who know me know I am NOT a morning person. I am up because I woke up with this blog in my head. As I am sitting here typing this listening to the crickets stilll singing outside my office window I realize why.  We are coming into the month of Oct…halloween and all things psychic and supernatural.  Getting readings can be fun!  In fact, getting a reading can really help guide you forward and assit you in making better choices.  Just remember to CHOOSE CAREFULLY who you go to for a reading!  PLEASE! Sure, hearing what you want to hear is great when it is the truth!

Finally…think about going to a doctor because you KNOW you leg is broke.  He tells you “no, your leg isn’t broke”. You think how wonderful that is just what I wanted to hear (even though the bone is pretty much petruding from your leg).  It is so much easier now that my leg isn’t broke. I don’t have to be in a cast. I don’t have to be inconveneinced. I don’t have to take time to heal.  But weeks down the road you realize…WAIT….my leg is broke!  Now it is even worst cause you have been ignoring the fact that it is broke! Now you have to be in that cast longer.  Now there is even more time required to heal which is even more inconvenient!  Wouldn’t it have been easier to just get the truth from the beginning and have delt with it then?

Remember you are stronger than you think you are, you are more courageous than you realize AND you aredownload (1) deserving of great things!  You can handle the truth!  You deserve the truth!

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