I have written and talked about FEAR many times however recently I have come to truly understand the power of FEAR.  I am not sure why FEAR has seem to taken over our society.   Well actually I do know why but that is for another article.  The fact of the matter is FEAR is running rampant and it is literally destroying so many lives!  FEAR can keep you from taking leaps of faith that if taken would have created amazing things in your life.  FEAR can keep you from finding the love of your life.  FEAR can keep you from starting that business.  FEAR can keep you from getting on that plane and missing the trip of a lifetime.  FEAR can keep you from enjoying your day to day life.

I recently had two separate experiences with clients who were trapped in a cycle of FEAR.  The things they were doing and the choices they were making were absolutely shocking.  When we worked through everything going on they came to realize that FEAR was the true culprit. I hope they will both be able to move forward and make way for all of the wonderful opportunities in their lives.  However it really shocked me when I realized how powerful FEAR really is!  It made me realize how often we don’t even realize it is FEAR that is the cause of all the issues we are experiencing!

Now you may notice I have capitalized FEAR throughout this entire article.  I have done that for a reason. I want the word FEAR in your head.  I want you to visualize it, connect with it and even to embrace it!  You have probably heard time and time again that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real!  I would like you to get rid of that and replace it with a new mantra “FEAR Face Everything And Rise”! That is what I want you to see every time you think of FEAR. I want you to see how it takes away your power!  Then I want you to follow these steps:

  1. Allow yourself to feel the FEAR. It is okay…really!  We all feel FEAR at different times.  However, now I want you to feel the FEAR and move forward anyway! Don’t wait for the FEAR to leave or wait for that magical moment when you won’t feel it anymore.  Just feel it and move forward.
  2. Take a step back and only allow yourself to deal with the facts.  Example:  you want to leave your job but you are afraid you won’t find anything better.  You stop yourself. Identify your FEAR. Connect with your FEAR. Then you ask yourself “Is it a fact that I won’t find another job”? No it isn’t because you haven’t even begun to look yet.  You remind yourself that you can only deal with the fact.  The fact is there are a lot of people who have jobs they love.  Why can’t you find one of those jobs?  Feel the FEAR and move forward anyway.
  3. Remember that FEAR is a natural emotion.  You should never beat yourself up for feeling FEAR.  Actually you should pat yourself on the back for identifying the FEAR!

I would love for everyone reading this to take a few moments to think about areas in your life that aren’t working.  Then ask yourself “how is FEAR playing a role in these areas”?  Remember at the end of the day you have all the power!  At the end of the day only YOU can decide whether to feed into the FEAR or to overcome it!