Why God LOVES Psychics

images (9)“Oh…I don’t believe in Psychics”!  Do you know how many times I have heard that in the last 20 years….A LOT!  Each time it makes me laugh inside.  I laugh because it is ABSURD!   Seriously. It doesn’t even make sense.

I have said time and time again that we are ALL PSYCHIC! I know there are all those “special chosen psychics” out there trying to convince you that they have something you don’t but the truth is they are full of it!  Everyone is psychic.  Oh and by the way, while I am at it…everyone also has the ability to do healing! So when someone says they don’t believe in psychics it is like they are saying they that they don’t believe in themselves!

When we use the word “psychic” we are simply referring to those other senses we ALL have (did I mention we are all psychic).  Some call it psychic abilities others call it intuition, your inner voice, etc.  When we talk about psychic development we are talking about stepping away from the chatter of our minds and learning to listen to the stillness of our soul.  We are talking about developing those “other” senses so we can make better choices, understand ourselves and those around us better.

download 10I was raised Catholic (just FYI). Once , many years ago I had someone ask me “what do you think God thinks about what you are doing”?  Hum…..I kinda think if God didn’t want me doing what I do then he wouldn’t have allowed me to do it so successfully for all these years:)  Of course I 100% believe we all have the right to believe in whatever we choose to.  Whether you choose to use the term the God, the Universe, Buddha, etc that is your right.  I just think that before you claim you don’t “believe” in something you should understand the thing you are not believing in.

A quick story that will make all my fellow “New Ager’s smile.  Back in 2003 I had just finished building my new 1500 sq foot Healing Center.  I needed lots of shelves and items for the retail part of the Center. One of my assistants told me that she had seen a store the next town over that was going out of business.  She gave me the address and suggested I go take a look at what they had.  As I pulled up to the street all I could find was a Christian Store.  So I immediately called her thinking I had the wrong address. She said no…just go in.  Okie dokie…..I thought…let’s see how this all unfolds.

images (10)I went into the store and found over $500 of items (shelves, displays, etc) that I wanted to purchase. So I went up to the owner and we started chatting. Finally he asked the dreaded question….what kind of business do you own.   When I told him that I owned a Healing Center and I was in fact a Psychic he looked me dead in the eye like he was looking for my lost soul and said, “I used to be involved in all that but then I found God”.  Um…okay.  Then he asked me if I would read a book if he gave it to me. OF COURSE! I am always willing to learn something new and see the view through the eyes of other people.  He gave me the book and I took it home and read it cover to cover. Honestly, it was about a crazy scam artist who claimed to be a psychic.  In the book they went on and on how Psychics, Numerologist, Astrologist…even people who meditated were of the devil!  It said how you need to RUN from these people and you should not have any contact with them at all!

A week later I went back with a truck and the cash to pick up all of my wonderful items.  As I was paying the owner he asked me if I had read the book. “Oh thank you for reminding me. I certainly did and I have it right here”, I proclaimed proudly!  He was so excited I read it and he smiled as he moved in closer into my personal space.  “What did you think”, he asked excitedly!  “Well I was honestly a little confused”. His smile grew and he looked at me like a spider looking at a fly caught in its web.  “It really made you think huh.  Maybe I can help you”, he continued.  “Well according to the book people who do what I do are of the devil”. I said.  YES!!!!!  his excitement continued to grow!  “And according to the book because we are of the devil you should have NOTHING to do with us”, I continued.  “EXACTLY” he exclaimed not being able to maintain his joy. “So here is my question…..if I am of the devil and according to your very own beliefs you should have absolutely nothing to do with me under any circumstances….then why do you not have a problem taking my $500”?  He stood there completely dumbfounded and speechless.  He took the cash, put it in his draw and said “I better get outside and help load those shelves onto the truck.

I will never forget that experience. I remember walking out that day and realizing that our beliefs weren’t the only thing that made us different. I remember thinking that while I would welcome him to my center any time (regardless of his beliefs)….I would not be welcomed in his place of worship unless I changed my beliefs and I thought that was very sad.


So when all is said in done I do not choose to focus on who is right or whose “God” is better.  I simply choose to respect everyone’s right to believe in whatever and whomever they choose to. I do not try to convince or convert.  And most importantly I know God loves psychics….cause we are all psychic and God loves all of us!