What’s Your Reality

As many of you know I opened “Spiritquest Healing Center & Angel Gift Shop” in Ocean Isle North Carolina in May.  As with most things in my life this has not only been an amazing journey but a wonderful learning experience as well.  This year I celebrated 20 years in my field and 15 years officially in business under the “Spiritquest” name so of course I am not new to any of this. Even after all these years I still find it fascinating the mixed responses that you get when you are making your dreams a reality.  There are always those amazing wonderful supportive people who you feel so blessed to have around!  Then there are always those negative people that feel the need to point out all the things that “could” go wrong (gotta love em).

I was chatting with a someone recently about negative people and she was sharing with me some of the experiences she has had being in the Holistic field.  I could hear the frustration in her voice as she shared that she constantly felt the need to defend herself and her beliefs to those who were negative.  After she left I was thinking to myself, “Why don’t I have those experiences”?  I always seem to be surrounded by those who believe, support and encourage what I do.  Then I started remembering some recent conversations I have had lately with those who, lets just say, don’t quite share my vision.  I realized that I do indeed have those experiences!  I also realized that I don’t focus on them because that is just simply not my reality!

In my world (or my reality) I am a women on a mission to help people live the best life they can.  I have been up and down and up and down and then up again. I know what it takes to make your dreams come true, to work hard and to NEVER give up. I want EVERYONE living their dreams!  In my reality I attract those who take responsibility for their lives, those who want to turn their dreams into reality and those who respect others.  That is what I CHOOSE to focus on because that is what I want my reality to be.  It is really that simple.

I guess what I am trying to say in my never ending story telling “LA” way….is that your reality is not actual what is around you.  Your reality is what you perceive it to be!  That is great news because now you can change what you don’t like about the reality you are living and you can create the reality that you want! Here are 3 quick tips to get you started and help you to shift your reality to what you want it to be:

1. First decide what it is your really want.  Do not base this on what is presently around you.  Instead allow yourself to see beyond what may be limiting you in the present moment.  Allow yourself to dream big!

2. NEVER let others take away your dream.  Everyone has the right to their own opinions (even the really stupid ones).  Respect others rights and MOVE on!  Do not feel the need to defend yourself or convince someone of your dreams or goals (that is just a complete waste of your time and energy).

3. Always surround yourself with those who share your vision.  Always surround yourself with positive and uplifting people!  If you don’t have any around you then go and seek them out!

And finally I leave you with one of my mantras “Failure is NOT an option and success is simply a state of mind”!