What the heck is going on?

  • April 2008 DH Canvas

Unless you are hiding out in a cave somewhere, you are probably aware of all of the craziness going on in this country.  Not only that but you are most likely feeling the effects of it as well.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about things and here is my spin on it.

Unfortunately we have become a very selfish society whose priorities are more about the things we own and the positions we have rather than what kind of people we are underneath it all.  While we may notice the struggles of our neighbors we don’t really do anything about it because while we have compassion for others, lets face it…it doesn’t effect us directly.

I think we are experiencing a universal wake up call!  I think the message is we need to start identifying ourselves more as part of a community and not as individuals.  We are learning (the hard way) that the struggles of our neighbors DO indeed directly affect us.

Let’s take a look at the housing market.  You may have heard of a sick neighbor or maybe even how your neighbor lost their job.  You may think “oh the poor guy/girl”.  You may even be one of the few to actually walk over and acknowledge their struggle and offer your support.  But does it really affect you?  But now let’s take another look.  Let’s look at what happens when that neighbors struggle becomes more then they can bear.  Let’s look for a moment at all the people currently in foreclosure!  Well now that neighbors struggle DOES directly affect you because guess what?  When that house forecloses and is resold by the bank for nothing….guess what happens to the value of all the homes on the block?  You got it ….they ALL drop.

Let’s look at the truck drivers begging for help with their gas bill.  You think wow $900 bucks to fill their tank for 2 days, that IS horrible but I am also struggling and it isn’t my problem.  But once again let’s think beyond the “them and us” mentality.  What if it gets to the point where those drivers can’t keep their trucks on the roads, deliveries slow, products are in demand and guess what?  You got it, prices skyrocket and now it DOES effect you directly!

I think the universal message here is VERY clear….we do not and can not exist alone.  The problem of your neighbors is yours as well.  We all need to start being more compassionate and start working together seeing ourselves not as individuals but as communities!

The fear this country is at an all time high.  The fear is creating more fear which is creating negativity.  We need to step beyond the fear of what will happen next and we need to start taking steps to change it.  While we look to our leaders for solutions I think the solutions actually will be coming from the bottom not the top.  It is the everyday people that will make the changes. One neighbor, one community at a time.

Everyone is feeling it!  Everyone is struggling right now!  If you aren’t count your blessings and offer support to someone who is.  If you are struggling know you are not alone and this too shall pass.  Together we can move mountains!
My favorite movie quote which I know I have shared many times….

“It is not what you do for a living that makes you who you are.   It is how you rise after falling!”