What is a Message Circle

  • March  2008 DH Canvas

What is a Message Circle?
Yes this is a Message Circle not a Massage Circle…


I started doing Message Circles a couple of years ago for two main reasons.  First, I found that many times clients had one question or one issue that they needed to address and they didn’t need to come in for a full session.  I also found that many times clients who were new to the whole “Spiritual” “New Age” thing were sometimes too nervous to come alone.  The Message Circle gave clients an intimate group environment where they could come with their friends/family as well as gave them a chance to come in and ask one question.

I am sure every Psychic has their own technique but when I do Message Circles it is very important to me that I have no information about the clients before hand.  That can sometimes be difficult as some of the clients who attend Message Circles come to me for other things so I do know information about them.  So a couple of years ago I came up with a plan.  Now, when I do Message Circles I have everyone put a piece of jewelry or metal item in a basket.  I then choose one item at a time and do a mini-reading off the object.  After the reading is done I ask who the jewelry belongs to and then that client is allowed to ask one question.

The information that comes through during a Message Circle can be about the past, present, future, health, relationship, finances, job, etc.  Many times I also get messages from those who have passed.

It is important when you are having a reading or participating in a group reading event (such as a Message Circle) that you do not divulge any information ahead of time.  It is important you allow the Psychic to deliver the message to you without any prior knowledge or information.  I always ask my clients to please keep an open mind.  I truly believe that although you sometimes may get a message you may not want to hear, the information will always be beneficial in the end!

And on a final note…the most important thing to remember about any reading or message is that you ALWAYS have FREE WILL.  The reading should be used for guidance and is NEVER written in stone.  If you like what you hear it is a great validation for you.  If you don’t, then you need to take the necessary steps to change the outcome!  Remember, Psychics are not GOD; we are simply messengers offering guidance and support in order to assist you in making the best life choices for you!