What do my angels want me to do?

download (4)It was during a class last month that one of the attendees asked me a question about choices. She had two job opportunities and she was stuck on which one to take. She was asking which one her angels said she should take. After hearing my response she suggested that I share my response in my next blog. So here we go.

First lets start by getting rid of some old thinking and belief patterns. Lets start with angels. Angels are not teachers handing out assignments. Our angels, guides, loved one who have passed are all there to ASSIST us in the direction that WE choose to go. Next please remember you have chosen to come here. I know people hate when I say this BUT you have chosen all your experiences. Yes, I know….that makes you mad but it is true! You came down here to advance your soul. You are not here as a punishment (although I will completely agree that there are moments when it certainly feels that way). And while I am on the topic of old thinking can we please finally let go of that thought process that says “If I am doing the right thing I will be rewarded and if I am making the wrong choices I will be punished by the powers that be”. Honestly people. I happen to personally know a lot of wonderful people that have had a lot of horrible things happen to them. I also know a lot of really horrible people who have a lot of great things happen to them. So clearly that whole thought process just holds no merit! SO wrapping this up…angels aren’t there to tell us what to do they are there to support us in what we choose to do. Bad things don’t happen as a punishment they are simply experiences. Okay…moving on….

Some of you are still re-reading that last paragraph thinking of how annoyed you are at me and you are reviewing alldownload (5) the bad things that have happened to you. One or two of you maybe printing out a picture of me to add to your dart board…lol. That is okay. I have told you all from the very beginning many many years ago. I will always give it to you straight even if it means you don’t like me after:) But once again I digress!

The question was how do you make the right decision. The problem most of us have with making choices is that we are not basing our choices on what WE want. Most of the time we are basing them on responsibility, obligation, fear, money, and on and on. YES, I know you have bills to pay and people counting on you. However, if you are making your choices for the wrong reasons you can not and will not be successful and happy! Now the person who asked the question had 2 job offers. There was one that she was clearly drawn to more but she felt the other would be a quick financial fix. I told her to take a moment to think about both options. Then to imagine for just a moment that she had a magic wand and she could guarantee that both jobs would work out equally well. In fact while she was hanging on to that magic wand we also added in there that money was not an issue. The choice then became crystal clear.

download (6)I am pretty sure I say this in almost every blog I write but my life has not been a walk in the park. I have had to start from scratch more than once (my entire life is on my website so I will spare you the replay but you can go to my blog page and read away). Having said that I always remember way way back in the day. I had just gotten separated. I was at a defining moment in my life. I loved what I did for a living and I did not want to stop. But I had two kids to support! Everyone was telling me I needed to get a “real job” and I could just do the “psychic stuff” on the side. But my “psychic stuff” is a part of who I am! It wasn’t and has never been just a job to me. But I didn’t have any money so what was I going to do? Then I got the best advise I have ever gotten! A friend said to me “Just take a step back and ask yourself….If money wasn’t an issue what would you do?” Well that was easy! I would continue with my dream of running my Healing Center! That was 15 years ago! And from that moment on I have always asked myself “If money wasn’t an issue what would I do”.

The next time you have a decision to make or a leap of faith you need to take here is what I want you to do. Take a deep cleansing breathe. Close your eyes. Picture option number one and imagine it is 5 years from now. How do you feel? Connect with the “feeling”. Now open your eyes and take another deep cleansing breathe. Close your eyes and picture option number two. Once again imagine it is 5 years from now. How do you feel? Connect with the feeling! If you do this exercise your choice will become crystal clear!

Remember your soul always knows what is the right choice for you. It is your fear and analytical mind that loves to get in the way. Always take the time to quiet your mind and listen to your soul! You are worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!