Turning 50…WHAT!!!!!!

Once again I am down to the wire, juggling a million things and desperately trying to get out my monthly newsletter in time.  I have just expanded my shop from 2000 sq ft to 4000 sq ft (in a week…seriously). I have an Esthetician that will be starting soon, new Tai Chi classes and have added more Creative Painting with Alcohol Ink classes (you paint with the alcohol…you don’t drink it…lol).  We are  still painting, moving rooms, ordering new stock, designing our own line of products and of course there is my HUGE and I mean HUGEEEE SECRET project that I can NOT wait to announce!!!!!!!!!!!  There are employee schedules, client schedules and oh yeah it is almost time to start booking for my fall travel schedule.   There are much needed and welcomed visits with family and friend.  There are quick trips to the beach to remind myself why I do it all.  I think I am holding it all together pretty well. I am dropping the ball here and there but Thank God I have the most amazing people around me so they are keeping me going and on track! Honestly I am not sure if it is bravery or stupidity….only time will tell…LOL!  I can NOT believe this is my life.  I love all of it!  Then I  suddenly remember….hey I am going to be 50 this year!  (((((((((((WHAT))))))))))))))))

I am not sure how you are suppose to feel when you are 50?  I don’t think I feel any different?  Or do I? Now I think there is one thing we can all agree on and that is no one loves their birthday more than I do!!!!!!!!!  Heck I started the month long birthday celebration movement!!!!!!!!!!!  When I was  turning 40 I was so excited!   I actually had men calling me  asking me if I could talk to their wives who were depressed cause they were turning 40!   I have NEVER understood the birthday depression!  It’s your birthday!  You made it another year around the sun…be happy!!!!!!!!!  I have never cared how old I was turning as I truly believe age is just a number!  I also can not relate to those who are always wishing they were an age they used to be…what is up with that?  I don’t want to be any other age than what I am right now!  I would never want to “go back” I am too busy loving the present and creating my future!

I read something recently that said, “If you could go back and tell your younger self something what would it be”?  I thought about that for a long time and here is what I would tell her…life is not easy or fair, people are mean, bad things happen, you aren’t always going to feel appreciated or loved,  there will be lots of up and many downs, and you are going to get lots of bumps and lots of bruises along the way. I would tell her…always remember that you are a beautiful being of light, strong and brave, stubborn and committed, you are dedicated and unstoppable, you have a huge heart (which will be broken more times than you can imagine) and a light inside of you that NO ONE can put out.  I would tell her that no matter what she will always be in control of how she reacts to what life gives her and at the end of the day she alone will choose the side of victor or victim.  I would tell her that one day she will look in the mirror and say, “I have found my true authentic SOUL HAPPY PLACE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I reflect on my 50th birthday I am so beyond happy with my life, my family and those I call friends. I have two amazing children who I could not be prouder of.  I have supportive parents,  a wonderful sister and a nephew who keeps me on my toes! I have a man who loves, supports and assist me in making all my dreams come true! I have THE BEST clients who have loved, supported and encouraged me for over 2o years!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would say 50 is even more fantabulous than 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Happy 50th Birthday to me!!! I can’t wait to share another fantabulous year with all of you and assisting all of you in finding your true authentic SOUL HAPPY PLACE!!!