This just in….we are ALL Psychic

Yeaph!  You heard it here first!  We are all Psychic! Imagine that!  No one is chosen, there are no secret families blessed with special powers….we are all Psychic!

A few years ago I made it my personal mission to change the stigma attached to the word Psychic!  I have to tell you I find it hilarious when people tell me how they don’t believe in that “kind stuff”.  What stuff? Psychic…Intuition…Gut Instinct…it is all the same thing and we all have it.  I have said a million times that being Psychic is not a gift.  Learning how to fine tune and pay attention to your Psychic/Intuitive side IS the gift! I have been teaching Psychic/Intuitive Development classes for almost 2 decades now (wow I am getting old) and I have never met anyone who couldn’t learn to tap into their psychic/intuitive abilities. It is like playing the piano.  Some can play brilliantly without any formal training but everyone can be taught how to play!

Now some of us are what I like to call career Psychics…meaning we make a living using our Psychic/Intuitive gifts.  So why do you need to go to someone if you are psychic….GREAT QUESTION!  Actually you don’t need to go to anyone.  You have all the answers inside of you.  However the truth of the matter is we are all human and sometimes we can’t see things clearly for ourselves because we are too close to the situation.  You go to a psychic to get clarity, a better understanding and most importantly validation!

I thought it would be fun to review the top 3 misconceptions about psychics…I mean professional psychics because we are all psychic remember….

1. Being Psychic means you don’t believe in God or Religion– Being psychic has nothing to do with your religious beliefs…remember we are all psychic/intuitive.  You can believe in whatever Religion you choose to!  Shocking fact:  I actually have had nuns who have referred clients to me for years….YES NUNS!  LOL!

2. Psychics walk around reading people all the time…this one is a little tougher to answer. I will tell you that while I do know people who read people without their permission ….I DO NOT walk around reading people all the time.  First of all, by the end of the day I am lucky I can read a newspaper.  Two, I follow a very strong moral and ethical code. I do not read people unless they ask me too.  I know …I know…but Lisa Ann that women (whom I shall not name) on TV goes up to complete strangers and reads without their permission all the time????? May I just say I have done several things in Television over the years.  I can not tell you how many forms you need to sign when you are appearing on TV.  So trust me when I tell you …NO ONE is going up to people with a camera and just filming them! It’s TV people and there is nothing real about Reality TV.  The lighting alone takes HOURS and HOURS to set up….it is all planned ahead of time…trust me on this!

3.Psychics have perfect lives as they know everything that is going to happen.  I am sorry but this is the one that absolutely annoys me the most. Honestly it shows a complete lack of spiritual understanding and is my biggest pet peeve in life (oh didn’t you know that was gonna happen…your “psychic” after all).  We are ALL spiritual beings living the human experience. We came down here to have experiences that advance our soul.  NO one is allowed to know everything!  That is not what it is about.  We ALL have to experience good and bad as it is part of our soul growth. So NO, psychics do not have perfect lives and we do not know everything that is going to happen.

When I had my car accident in 1998 I can’t tell you the number of people who said “oh if you are so psychic how come you didn’t see that coming”? You know why?  Because had I been given that information I wouldn’t have driven that day!  If I hadn’t driven that day I wouldn’t of had the accident!  If I didn’t have the accident I would have never realized how short life can be, I would have never quit my job to open up Spiritquest and fulfill my dream.  At the end of the day some of the worst things that have happened to me in my life have turned out to be the greatest blessings!

One last thought while I am on this topic.  I can’t tell you how many calls and emails I get a year from people who have been to psychic fairs, psychic events, etc and had horrible readings with scam artist psychics!  My favorite are always the ones who tell people they have curses they can remove for a small fee of a few hundred dollars! Let’s think about this people….if someone had that kind of power why would they be sitting there doing $5.00 readings?  Wouldn’t they be using that wonderful “spell removing” ability to remove the blocks in their own lives and making themselves rich instead of stealing your money?  But I digress….there are scam artists in every profession!  There are bad doctors, lawyers, police, teachers…..and on and on and on.  I always tell people if you needed surgery would you go to a doctor because he was the cheapest or would you ask around, get referrals from people you trust and find the best doctor for you.  Be smart people!  You are getting information that is going to help you make huge life decisions so PLEASE for the love of God……be picky about who you choose to go to.  There are many gifted, honest, professional psychics out there who have truly dedicated their lives to helping others.  So choose wisely!