The Shift Begins With You

  • April 2009 DH Canvas

Money is tight, jobs are being lost, homes, life savings, dreams and hopes for the future.  It seems the entire United States has gasped a huge breath and hasn’t let go.  We are all waiting for someone to come in and rescue us.  We are waiting for someone to come in solve all of our problems.  We are waiting for someone to tell us it is all going to be okay.  The truth of the matter is ….no one person can make this kind of change.  There is no knight in shining amour, no magic wand.  The truth is the shift begins with you!

My heart breaks with each story I hear of lost homes, jobs, money, etc.  But the truth of the matter is your home does not define who you are!  You job does not define who you are!  You money does not make you who you are.  Yes it all makes life more interesting but honestly what is important to you?????  This is not just some motivational article telling you just to get over it and move on.  I have been there.  Actually too many times.  I have had a lot.  And I have had nothing.  I have filed bankruptcy.  I have lost a home.  Are you shocked?  What is probably more shocking is I am still happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Actually the truth be told I am happier!

There is a lot to be learned in moments of trauma.  It is during theses times that we learn the greatest lessons.  We learn to truly prioritize what is important to us.  We redefine our lives.  We become stronger.  I remember way back when I was going through my trauma.  Someone said to me, “God never gives you more than you can handle.”   My response, “Well God must have me confused with someone else!”  I look back now and realize how each of the most horrible incidences in my life where in the end the greatest blessings.  Now honestly I was not sitting there at the time of the trauma going “look at this great blessing”.  Like most people I was falling apart.  But then I learned that I don’t need peace to feel peaceful.  I don’t need to be surrounded by happiness to feel happy.  I realized I could maneuver through the traumas in a more graceful less traumatizing way.

A lot of people are turning to therapist, clergy, life coaches, etc to help them get through these tough times.  There are many ways to get through these tough times