The Happiness Block

So you are looking around at all the happy people around you and you are wondering  “why are their lives better then mine”, “what are they doing different”, “why can’t I be happy”, etc…..  Let’s not waste anymore precious time!  Let’s get right to the nitty gritty of the problem, shall we.

1. Why are their lives better then mine?

The truth is that you honestly have no idea how someone’s life truly is.  You know what they tell you. You know what you  THINK you observe.  However, only that person knows what their lives are truly like!  It is the “grass is always greener” syndrome.

I remember when I first moved into my house years ago.  I actually had someonet look at me and say, “WOW it must be really nice to be you!”.  Now back then I wasn’t in the same place I am now so I felt the need to respond and defend myself.  I went on to explain how I had to start all over again after my divorce, how I slept on a couch so my kids could have their own rooms and the struggle it took to get where I was and on and on and on.  I felt like I needed to defend my happiness!  Silly right?  Now I simply say, “Yes it IS really nice to be me”!

2. What are they doing different?

The truth is the most important thing that they are doing differently is they are NOT ALLOWING their circumstances and situations to effect their happiness!  EVERYONE has problems.  EVERYONE goes through hard times.  You are not being punished for something.  You do not have a curse on you (PLEASE don’t even get me started on that crap).  You are experiencing life!  Life is not always fair.   The truth is you have the same opportunities to choose happiness as everyone else does!

3. Why can’t I be happy?

This is a little more complicated.  There are several (on the surface) reasons why you are not happy.

  • you are allowing others to effect your happiness
  • you are getting stuck in fear and negativity
  • you are defining yourself by circumstances and situations around you
  • you are getting stuck in a bad chapter of your life
  • you are too afraid to make the changes necessary to be happy
AND I am sure you can come up with many more if you really think about it!
Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way.  Are you ready for the bottom line.  We can talk about what this person did, what happened or is happening to you, and on and on about all of the things that are causing you to not be happy.  However, the bottom line is until you feel DESERVING you will never find the happiness you are seeking! Think about that!  THAT is the happiness block. How would your life be different if you TRULY felt you deserved to be happy? Would you be at your current job?  Would you stay in your current relationship? Would you make the tougher choices to get healthy?