Hopefully you have had a chance to go through my website and see what I am all about!  Now here is what others are saying about their experience…..

Lisa Ann always delivers helpful messages.  I am always surprised with how much the spirits tell her and she is able to pass on to me.  Lisa Ann is also very warm, caring, and fun to talk to.
Trisha L


Hello Lisa Ann:
I have read both of your books and LOVED both of them.  You need to write another one!  I know you may not remember what my reading was but everything you predicted is unfolding. I have accepted a new job teaching art.  It is for only one year ~ but it could be longer.  At this point I am okay with walking in faith.  I am overcoming my fears!!!  Sending you love and gratitude.


I received a READING from you, Lisa Ann in June 2014. The session was gifted  to me by a dear friend when I came to Myrtle Beach on a visit from California. My friend has received several readings from you in the past and he felt this would be very beneficial to me after what I have dealt with in my personal life this past year.

You were warm and inviting from the minute I walked onto the door, putting me at ease. You started the session by asking me not to give any personal information because you liked the information to come to you. This shows your commitment as a true Medium to receive the information from the other side and not by being prompted of fed information from the person receiving the information. You were “spot” on with most of the information you received and then shared with me. I lost my father six months ago and I am absolutely confident he was there making sure you were telling me what I needed to hear. This did bring me some of the peace my friend was hoping for me to get. You also gave me much “food for thought” regarding my future.  At the end, you had me ask any questions I might have. This allowed clarification on several issues I would have been confused about. After talking to you about them, it brought more understanding for me.

I want to thank you for your kindness, professionalism and talent during this session. I feel very blessed to have a such a dear friend who gave this gift of your sincerely honest reading.
Thank you and I can’t wait to get home to share this information with some of my other family members who will also benefit from it.


I have been coming to see Lisa Ann for approx 10 years. I am always excited to get a reading, she never disappoints. She is always on point with what is going on in my life. She will tell me things, and then 6 months later it happens. She is wonderful to work with. I can’t wait for the next reading. Don’t miss your chance to get a reading with Lisa Ann., you won’t be disappointed.
Mike M

Recently, I scheduled a telephone reading with Lisa Ann.  I was in need of knowing what my life purpose is and guidance necessary for accomplishing it.  I have had previous readings with her and was very impressed with her natural intuitions and guidance.  She is a truly amazing and talented medium.  An earth angel full of love and healing light.  I was absolutely blown away by the thoroughness of the reading!  It was incredibly spot on, highly insightful and extremely helpful to me.  Thank you so much Lisa Ann for moving down here and availing your incredible talents to all of us who having been seeking guidance!  I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know you.  I am looking forward to working with you in the near future on past life regressions.

Hi Lisa Ann, I want to thank you for the reading you gave me this past summer(2014). I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you before the reading started. You made me feel at ease and relaxed, especially when in a few moments I would not know what information would come forth. I found your reading to be very professional, insightful and right on target concerning issues I am experiencing in my life. Listening to the taped session many times after my reading, I realized there was much more information I did not hear during the initial reading. Therefore, I highly recommend anyone who wants to gain more insight about themselves to call for a reading from Lisa Ann. I know I will be back to get a second reading in the near future.

A friend of mine highly recommended Lisa Ann, and now I understand why.  She was AMAZING! As someone going through a hard time, I really needed guidance and Lisa Ann provided that. She was spot on in everything going on in my life.  I will definitely be using her again and referring her to friends/family.
Diana L

I began seeing Lisa Ann in New York.  My first reading was amazing, as were the ones that followed.   I could not believe that she was telling me things that no one knew.  It was this area’s good fortune when she moved to Calabash.  Again, my latest reading with Lisa Ann was just as amazing as my first.  Thank you Lisa Ann for sharing your gift.
Kathleen D

I would like to thank you for your service at providing me a very insightful reading.  I now feel that I have so much clarity on things that have been unresolved in my mind and heart for years.
In Light and Love,  Frankie M

Meeting Lisa Ann changed my life. I was on the verge of giving up all hope that my life could be any different. Then I had a mini-reading with Lisa Ann at a psychic fair. The things she said rang true. But I also knew that I couldn’t get to where she saw me from where I was at the time.

Fortunately, this was shortly before Lisa Ann opened her new healing center. Spiritquest Healing Center and Angel Gift Shop provides all the tools anyone needs to change their life.   Just walking through the door will lift your spirits.  The weekly meditation classes are beyond amazing.  I’ve had reiki and past life regression before. But Lisa Ann takes both to a whole other level providing insight and healing.  And now she carries an incredible collection of crystals unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Lisa Ann is the real deal. I’ve meet other psychics and very few even come close.  Her bio talks about how her Italian grandmother was the first person to contact her from the other side. I took this fact as confirmation of my reading.  It was my Italian grandmother who came through in my first reading with Lisa Ann. 🙂

The best part is the wonderful people I have met through Lisa Ann. She has created a community of like minded people… and a place that feels like home.
Karen C

Thank you so much for my reading. It’s really helped a lot. I’m getting a lot of closure that I needed especially with my miscarriage. I’ve held a lot of guilt in and blamed myself for a very long time. So thank you for that. Thank you also on my mother-in-law behalf.  I know she’s gotten a lot of closure and I can tell a difference in her. I wish we lived closer because I’m sure a lot of our relatives would be paying you a visit. You did an excellent job and thank you!!
Sincerely, Shannon

This was my second reading with Lisa Ann… there will be a third and fourth and fifth!  After losing my husband very suddenly and unexpectedly I really needed closure and some insight into what the future held for me.  Lisa Ann was able to give me messages from my husband that were very comforting. I will also say the messages were very specific and I knew they were from him. She was also able to give me encouragement and good news for my future.  The reading was worth its weight in gold!

My second reading was even better.  I left feeling good about myself, my future, and again being reassured that my husband is happy in his afterlife.

Lisa Ann is a very caring, warm, and kind person. She makes you feel as though she has known you for years. The new shop has so many lovely things in it. I drove from Murrells Inlet, SC to Lisa Ann’s shop, which is over 50 miles, and I intend to do it again and again.

The friends that I brought to Lisa Ann were equally happy with their readings and really enjoyed Lisa Ann.
Sincerely, Trisha

Lisa Ann has absolutely mastered her psychic gifts! She has helped me in so many ways over the last 18  years of my life that it’s too many to list. She’s helped me get through some of the most difficult times of my life while helping me focus on that light at the end of the tunnel, and I will eternally be grateful to her for that.  She’s ALWAYS there to cheer me on! I feel more grounded, and have a better grasp as to where I am headed in life after we talk. She’s inspirational, she listens, and she always answers those “burning questions” that I never need to ask! Simply Awesome! Thank you Lisa Ann for being you. The Universe was spot on when they picked her for this type of work. I’ll be back!
Pam S

I was extremely pleased with my reading. It was intense and covered a lot of territory..many of my questions were answered before I even asked them. The insight into my problems was so valuable..it was a clear view of the issues, without my perspective clouding things. Really helped me to refocus and reevaluate my current life; I was glad that what I was told does reflect my own assessment of my issues, so I am seeing things clearly. Also gave me direction into what I need to be doing. Will definitely do a repeat in a few months to make sure I am on track.
 S G

Thanks so much. You were GREAT!!!
Lisa Ann was amazing. She launched in with a “knowing” that was uncanny. She zeroed in on the details that only the best of the best provide. I was shocked that Lisa Ann was able to offer insight into my most pressing issues. She was spot on with it all, personal and professional.   Lisa Ann came highly recommended by several close friends. It was my first reading with her, but it certainly won’t be my last! 
Lauri F

Dear Lisa Ann….my journey with you was so incredible ..actually speaking to you !! You are so warm and welcoming ..I was so afraid and nervous !! Especially since you came so highly recommended …you made me feel like I was talking to a family member …if you have any doubters please send them my way because there is No way you could of known the things you knew unless you were100% Real !! I thank you for clearing up some things for me ….I just feel speaking to you could of potentially saved my life since I had been in such abusive situations …you are truly an Angel of light and I wish I had lots of money so I could talk to you weekly daily ..monthly ..you shared some of your life with me ..I felt honored and like a friend not a client ..you are a pretty incredible soul with an Amazing Gift …God Bless you Lisa Ann …may he keep you safe always !!! Thank you for doing what you do …..you truly are a Blessing ….
Katherine M

I along with 5 family members had the opportunity to meet Lisa Ann for private readings. Among the group was one skeptic and he was amazed by his reading. I have had many psychic, medium, clairvoyant and tarot card readers throughout my life. They have ran the gambit from total shams to mediocre at best. Lisa Ann truly has the gift and we all were amazed by our messages. She also did a phone reading, again spot on with her reading. Lisa Ann will be able to convert even the most skeptical with her ability to connect and deliver messages. I am so glad that I found her and will definitely talk with her again. No matter what your concern she truly can deliver.
Sue H

 I’ve known Lisa Ann for about 8 years now and can wholeheartedly say that she is an earth angel….here to guide us and give us insight into situations we feel might be overwhelming or difficult to handle alone.  She’s compassionate & understanding; non-judgmental but straight forward;  She’s insightful and possesses wisdom beyond her years….I have referred her to family and friends and all have had a positive experience with Lisa Ann…..She’s an amazing person who has a gift that can promotes strength & well being.  I feel so blessed to call her my friend……
 Patty S

Lisa provided a very relaxing atmosphere for the reiki session.  I felt renewed and invigorated at the end.  She is a talented medium, and offered valuable insights.  Thank you, Lisa!
Joan E

This is a review of my appointment this past Saturday with Lisa Ann. It was an hour phone session. It was wonderful!! Not only did Lisa Ann do my reading but left plenty of time for questions to be asked. I have been seeing Lisa Ann for several years now and always enjoy our interactions and her services. She is able to communicate with me about current issues as well as future events that will be coming my way. She is knowledgeable in her field and is very compassionate. I highly recommend Lisa Ann!!!
Lauren B

My Reiki session with Lisa Ann was the purest, healing Reiki session I have experienced thus far.  I feel so clear, whole, and charged. I am ready to love and enjoy all of the beautiful things life has to offer, with the strength and peace of mind to handle all of the little stressors that affect our moment to moment livity. This is Reiki, and I am so thankful for it. The best medicine doesn’t come from a bottle.
Mike – March 2014

Lisa Ann is amazing. Her ability to discuss and analyze a situation in my life with no information from me is truly remarkable. I value her judgment and look forward to speaking with Lisa Ann days in advance. I highly recommend Lisa Ann’s services and feel strongly that it will be a great experience.
Michele L – March 2014

All I can say is Wow! This was my first reading ever and Lisa Ann not only gave me valuable information, she helped me to understand so much about those I am closest too. She first had messages from my dad and they were what I have needed to hear from him not only since he passed but in his aging years before. Thank you so much Lisa Ann! When I had time to think about our conversation the few things I was not as sure of made perfect sense. I highly recommend Lisa Ann as she is the real thing!
Pat S – March 2014

Lisa Ann, just wanted you to know that the day after my first Reiki energy treatment I felt just fine—in the morning. I then slept all afternoon, got up for a while and then slept all night too! The next day my body felt stronger and I had an overall warm sense of well being. To top it off, the image I had of my father and brother appears to have ended the two and a half years of grief I couldn’t seem to let go of. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your loving, healing energy. I feel like I can get on with my life now.
JH – March 2014

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you so much for my appt yesterday. My wife  and I have been coming to see you for almost the entire duration of our marriage. I even brought my mum to see you from the UK once.  While the visits may be infrequent, they are a really important part of who we are.
Yesterday’s was the best for me. We are, as a family at a crossroads in our lives and you cleared up an awful lot that has been floating around my head for a while.  Your insights into what both my wife and I need to focus on and achieve over the next 12 months were a flashlight cutting through fog. I enjoyed every minute of it and thanks again.
SM – March 2014
My appointment was great! Made me feel comfortable and I left with great information!!!!
Have to get a reading from Lisa, in person, at least once a year!!!!!
Sandy R – March 2014

I can’t think of a better way to break through self-imposed boundaries than to explore past lives through regression.  Although I’ve known Lisa Ann and her work for more than a decade, I’ve never tried a past-life regression until now.  I knew something bigger was at work inside my head and one session with LA put it all in perspective.

Whatever type of healing or reading you choose, Lisa Ann is the most intuitive, caring, compassionate and straight-forward person to help you bring your spirituality to the next level.
Kasha – March 2014

What a pleasure to meet you and experience you and your Special Gift!
I feel so lucky to have found you and I want everyone else to know that you are the Real Deal and your accuracy on my life was absolutely amazing! You had no knowledge of me or my life prior to my reading with you and it really blew me away. You are such a fine, caring and gifted person and you truly gave me comfort in the reading when my Grandmother and Mother spoke though you.
You gave me such insight in my life from the past to the present and the accuracy of your reading was absolutely incredible. I feel so blessed to have found you and look forward to my next reading with you and experiencing your wonderful and honest and amazing gift of comfort and knowledge.
Kathy-Feb 2014

I have been going to Lisa Ann for about 10 years now, and wouldn’t trust anyone else withe my future. She is not only on the money and detailed specific, but gives you great wisdom with her revelations. She is enthusiastic, positive, compassionate, deep and intense–everything that makes a great person and a psychic and healer. I send all of my skeptic and cynical friends to her, and they are blown away. If you are having any doubts, you’re in the right hands.
Kristen-Jan 2014

I am not a believer in psychics, but just by listening to Lisa Ann on the phone, I was very impressed by her accuracy. She made a true believer of me. I would recommend Lisa Ann’s services to anyone, especially skeptics.
Paul-Jan 2014

Hi Lisa Ann, thank you so much for our time yesterday.  It was not only enlightening but comforting as well. I’ve shared with others and encourage friends and family to visit with you.  Thank you again, look forward to talking with you again in the future.
Robin-Jan 2014

I have had two readings with Lisa Ann. Both where very detailed and described my personal situation spot on. It was hard to except the truth in the information she was saying, but I know she was correct and gave me the best advice on how to move forward from here. I have had several readings over the past few months with other psychics, but felt all information was general. I would never think about writing a review before my reading with Lisa Ann. I would recommend using her if you’re looking for a true reading.
LMA from NY-Jan 2014

I found your service to be very professional and I was highly impressed with your skills. As the days pass, I am understanding more and more of what you said and recalling events that you mentioned that I couldn’t remember while I was there. I will gladly recommend you to others. Thank you!
Amy-Jan 2014


Always helpful and enjoyable
Lauren B. says: I have been seeing Lisa Ann for several years for all her services…which I love them! From readings to rekie to classes to her wonderful oils. She is beyond experienced in her field and is very skillful. I’m a life long customer/participant! Recently experienced my 1st phone session and it really is like Lisa Ann is infront of you. There’s no difference!!! It was great and helpful as always!!
At Peace and Very Happy
Trisha L. says: Both matters that I wanted to learn about from Lisa Ann were covered! I was so happy to know that after loosing my husband a year ago, he is fine, happy, and proud of how I’ve moved forward. It meant a great deal to me because I lost Sam very suddenly and unexpectedly, and was not able to really say “goodbye” to him. I enjoyed the interaction with Lisa Ann too. She is a very kind and warm-hearted woman, who is definitely in-tune with the universe and beyond. I will be back for another reading!
Very Helpful
Mike .. says: Lisa Ann has a gift given from God. She advised me one where to focus at work and my income doubled. My deceased grandfather came through her (for the second time) to speak to me and advise me. She saw our 2 family dogs that were recently deceased running together in my backyard. My spirit guide spoke to me through her. Lisa Ann knew details regarding all of the above that confirmed to me that she is 100% genuine and real !
Wonderful Experience
Gayle J. says: Gayle says: I was very impressed with Lisa Ann. It seemed as if we had some kind of connection from the moment we met. She was right on the money with me. She had messages from my dad, which surprised me, as we were never real close. I’m glad I was given her name and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others who want a good, thorough reading. Thank you for the good experience and encouragement.
Grateful for being led to Lisa Ann
Donna G. says: My time with Lisa Ann was so beneficial. She was able to give me very clear answers to a few problems that have been bothering me since my husband’s death. I was so relieved and felt an enormous amount of pressure and quilt lift. I am so glad for my visit with Lisa Ann and will definitely have future meetings with her.
Gerri L. says: I have had many readings in the past, but Lisa Ann’s phone reading was outstanding! She is authentic and very down-to-earth! Her feedback was detailed and very accurate! I will definitely use her services again! Thank you so much! Gerri L.
Donna Lee G. says: My reading was exceptional. I have been struggling for eight months since my husbands death. Things have been difficult and I questioned my each and every move and decision. Lisa Ann was able to assure me that my decisions and actions were correct and my husband approved. I can’t begin to tell you how much relief this has brought me. I am looking forward to many more sessions with Lisa Ann.
Lifting the doubt
Mary Helen T. says: Lisa Ann is a great deal more than insightful. Her talents have to be God given, and she lead me to a greater understanding of my deceased husband’s strange pre-death acts in ways that no ordinary person could. My reading with her was very uplifting and gave me hope about many things, as well as reassurance……with specifics that only he could know. Thank you, Lisa Ann. We’ll be talking again!
Patrica M. says: Lisa Ann is truly the best Psychic I have seen in the past 20yrs!!! Not only has she been correct about many things, she is sincere about who she is. Lisa Ann is someone that people are drawn to and can immediately tell she truly care about each and every person she meets. Thank You Lisa Ann for what you do for so many people!!!!
Danielle J. says: Yesterday was my first (certainly not my last) reading with Lisa Ann. She was right on target with things going on in my life. She really took the time to talk with me and to explain what she was seeing and hearing for me. She helped me come to peaceful terms with hard decisions I have to make in my life. I highly recommend her.
The most authentic and energetically amazing reading ever!
Mona L. says: I’ve had readings done my entire life from my psychic Grandfather who was a monk who lived in the temples in Thailand. As a child, when the annual readings and charts were done by him, I grew up thinking it was normal to get the answers known ahead of time. So as a kid I took it for granted. In fact, people traveled from many miles away to get intuitive readings and astrological charts done by him. After he passed, I couldn’t really trust that any other could do such a precise reading. When it came to meeting Lisa Ann, both my mother and I loved her immediately and felt her authenticity! I couldn’t wait to get a reading from her when the time was right. She has a natural, in-born gift that was given to her!! Answers and clarity from Spirit were given to me through her that was truly life-changing for me at a much needed time. It was a true blessing to have met her. At this point in my life, I wouldn’t want to go to anyone other than her. I’m grateful that we’re about the same age so I know we’ll be sticking around for the majority of this lifetime together!! Much love and light, ~Mona Lee
The Best!
Sandra H. says: We are so fortunate to have Lisa Ann now in our area. My reading with her this week truly provided the missing puzzle piece! Her information validated so much of my knowings. She is genuine, sincere and gifted. I have had many readings and I am happy to say Lisa Ann is the best! I highly recommend a reading with her. You won’t be disappointed.
Amazing, Again!
Theresa W. says: I had a few in person readings with Lisa before she moved and each time I was amazed. Yesterday I had a reading by phone because I was struggling with work related decisions. Once again I was amazed. Without asking any questions, within seconds of answering the phone Lisa said she sensed changes or movement related to work. Throughout our half hour call she absolutely nailed the circumstances surrounding my situation. This reading helped to relieve some of the doubts I was struggling with and gave me the boost in confidence I needed to pursue my new venture with realistic expectations. I am always amazed at how accurate Lisa’s perceptions related to personalities and the relationships with people in my life are. She is truly amazing. Although my readings have been sporadic, each time I feel like I am chatting with a friend who cares enough to tell me like it is. Lisa’s inclusion of her personal experiences add to the experience. She is helpful, warm, and caring and truly has a gift. I’ve promised myself to reach out to Lisa on a much more regular basis and I have highly recommended her to friends and family. I’m feeling less stressed today and have renewed confidence and enthusiasm following yesterday’s reading. Thanks Lisa!!
Ethel B. says: Phenomenal. I had a phone reading with Lisa Ann. I wasn’t sure at first how that would be, but it was like we were sitting across from each other. The things Lisa Ann identified in my reading were so on target. I value the personal/professional advise she gave me. I find it very refreshing that she shares some of herself throughout the reading. Lisa Ann is a funny, strong, intelligent woman with a very special gift. Thank you so much Lisa Ann. Ethel
Great Reading!
Susan G. says: I wanted to take a moment to Lisa Ann for a wonderful reading last night – this was my first reading and it was awesome. I truly recommend Lisa Ann to anyone that wants to have a very uplifting and spiritual experience. The information that she gave me was so incredibly accurate and I found it inspiring to find that my loved ones that had passed over were seeing my struggles and cheering me on as I embark on a path to healing from my past. There was not one thing that she spoke of that was not going on in my life including a lot of issues that I have had deep inside and haven’t shared with anyone. The personal stories she shared explained some of the information she was receiving were inspiring and gave me clarity on many subjects. I walked away from the reading in total awe of her talents and gift. Thank you so much Lisa Ann for all that you give to others by sharing your gift and for the positiveness that flows from you which gives me great hope to release the negativity in my life and find a positive way at looking forward to a future that I couldn’t even see before – you are a wonderful soul!!! Susan
Lyna J. says: Psychic Lisa Ann is amazing and truly gifted. She has an authentic, direct connection to the world of Spirit and uses that gift to uplift, guide, and love. I am so grateful to have access to her innate gift and tie line to the other side. Her reading was precise and right on target. SO GRATEFUL!
Kathleen R. says: I had a reading with Lisa Ann on July 28th, and I was very pleased. First of all, she is a very lovely person who made me feel at home. She was very easy to relate to. She is very down to earth yet extremely intuitive and on point with people’s feelings and life experiences. It was interesting to note how we all seem to go through the same experiences at different times and different levels. I came away with a better understanding of where my life is going and some advice on how to make it better. I also had a Reiki treatment which was excellent as well. I will definitely be back. Thanks, Lisa Ann. It was really nice to meet you. Kathy
First reading
Jackie Beryl W. says: First reading. I met with Psychic Lisa Ann on July 25, 2013 I have to admit I was nerves and not quit sure what to expect but I liked her right away she made me feel relaxed and she was down to earth. I am going through a lot at this time and she did not tell me what I wanted to hear. she was to the point but very caring in her reading and not all was good news however I felt like there was hope. I feel like she hit right on everything. I will be calling her again. I found her to be a caring person and I felt a ‘peace’ after my session with her.
Extraordinarily Gifted
Laura H. says: I had my first reading with Lisa Ann in July. Without requiring any input from me, she homed in on recent areas of my life which had been troublesome to me. She gave me a strong, accurate reading which continues to guide me today. She is extraordinarily gifted. Yes, she is the real thing; I’m most grateful to her for sharing her special gift. Thank you, again, Lisa Ann!
Patti B. says: Lisa Ann! What an incredible session we had! You are so able to ‘see’ and understand what is happening, and your information and input has offered me some great insights and knowledge, and a couple of areas that need some work, too! And the fact that you did this during a phone call was even more impressive! Thank you for your time, for your great insights, and for helping this be such a fun visit! You’re wonderful – God bless! Patti B.
She’s Amazing!!
Lana E. says: I have been guided by Lisa for almost 4 years now. She helps me stay focus and clears my mind so that I can make good sound decisions about my life. To ensure that I am continually on the correct path and opened to all new growth opportunities, I visit her regularly, about once every six months. She’s just awesome. Thank you Lisa
Linda H. says: I’ve had many readings with Lisa Ann over the years. After every session I walk away with a deep sense of inner peace and know which direction I need to follow. She tells truths….at times not what you want to hear. Lisa Ann has an extraordinary gift and uses it to heal, encourage, and bring light and peace into your life. Thank God she has always been there for me during a personal crisis and guided me through. A true and healer and psychic. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone looking for peace and answers.
Great experience
Katarina B. says: Lisa Ann answered my questions without me even asking them . Right from the start she said what the stars have been saying ( I study astrology) .Everything made sense . Lisa is very easy going and charming person . You not gonna hear only “good stuff” but the truth .I will be back soon . Thank you!!! Katarina
Thank You for the validations!
Nicole S. says: After my phone reading yesterday I was confident enough to go ahead with plans to do invetro to have my baby! Lisa Ann is the best and the way she conducts her sessions makes you feel very at ease and open to the information you are getting! Thanks again!
Daphne says
Daphne A. says: I was happy with my visit to Lisa, she did mention some things that are pertinent in my life, and I feel quite satisfied with the reading, and will possibly see her again in the future.
Patty S. says: Lisa and I were connected about 8 years ago after the passing of my Mom…..Since that time she has been a huge blessing to my life. I turn to her when I need clarity and she is always spot on with any adversities I have to face in my life. An Earth Angel
Brenda J. says: Lisa Ann did a phone reading for me on Friday and she was spot-on! Most of what she told me was confirmation of my own intuition about my situation, but her accuracy was amazing. She also mentioned a few things that had not occurred to me that will be very helpful. Lisa Ann is very easy to talk to and she was right on time with the reading. I first met her at a group reading and was impressed with that brief reading, which was why I contacted her again. She helped ease my mind and normalized my feelings. I highly recommend her.
Nothing but the BEST!!
Lauren B. says: I have known Lisa Ann for a few years and I keep coming back for more. She has more to offer than psychic reading which I love but she does Reiki and other healing for the body, mind, and spirit. She also has a wonderful line of her own oils now. I recommend Lisa Ann to anybody and everybody!!!! She is knowledgeable in her field and is provides a very comforting support. If you haven’t met her you must go or call her!!
Lisa Ann is very good!
Dave H. says: I’ve spoken to a few other world renown famous psychics to get a nice overview on the subject, and Lisa Ann is definitely up there with them! All of her services are really good as i have tried all of them. You can’t go wrong.
My Past Life Regression
Maryann D. says: I was fortunate to find Lisa Ann a few years ago & met with her for psychic readings. My husband was to have major surgery & I was very nervous. She assured me he not only needed this surgery but also told me how the Dr. doing it had pioneered a device they would be using & sure enough, I read about him & he did! There was nothing she said that was not on target. I decided to read both her books, No Phone’s In Heaven & Past Lives. I was so interested in what my past lives were that I couldn’t wait to do a Past Life Regression. I was very relaxed as I trust her like no one else I know! She explained everything to me & we started. I didn’t have any startling revelations but I did see my father who past away 34 years ago & I sobbed as he told me not to be so hard on myself! All so true! I also believe I was painting a portrait & even Lisa Ann doesn’t know this but I was a straight A student in Art & have sketched/painted/ quite a few past pet portraits to deal with my loss of them! It was a wonderful experience. I am very fortunate to have met her, she has enriched my life & I am eternally grateful. Thank you Lisa Ann. Love you! Maryann
Tiana C. says: Lisa Ann is truly a awesome person ! She made me feel very comfortable and was right on a lot of the stuff she said. I will follow her advice and will for sure recommend her to the people I know. Can’t wait to follow up someday in the future
Steven G. says: For someone who didn’t know me she knew a lot about me. Things I had know from other Psychics. Hard to find a Psychic that is in tune with their customers. Thank you for the enlightening.
Me Year!!!
Daniel J. says: I had a session with Lisa Ann on 22 March 2013, she told me of whom I really am. Of which I already knew just need the conformation from her. As I just sat and listen to her, she describe the path and events that should happen if I do what I need to do. Even though a lot of this is up to God and the universe for the things that happens, however we do have the choice. Free will to make those choices for the changes in our life. It is great to have a insite with those events prior to the event happening. I will schedule a follow up meeting with Lisa Ann in a few months into my year as I venture down the path she has described. Very good experience thank you Lisa Ann… I will talk with you again! Dan
Right on target
Nancy S. says: Lisa Ann was awesome!!! She had me pegged from the start of our session. She told me things about myself that were so true. I would go back to her in a heart beat! I plan on seeing her in a few months. Nancy S.
Wonderful Healer
Patty V. says: I have used Lisa Ann’s services before and always found them to be great. She offers a warm, welcoming, and relaxing environment. I traveled a good distance because she offers skills that I trust and have found to be very accurate. Lisa Ann helped me find answers to questions that had plagued me for many years, help me put them to rest, and move forward. I also received reiki/intuitive healing while I was there. I felt refreshed and renewed. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift Lisa Ann!! Patty V
Wonderful first experience
Marie B. says: This was my first time ever having a reading. I was excited and nervous at the same time. From the time I walked in the door I felt so comfortable with Lisa. She truly has a gift. My reading was spot on. She provided a lot of insight and food for thought. I walked away feeling very satisfied and excited about the possibility of opportunities that lay ahead.
Beautiful hands. 1/11/2013
Carmen G. says: Lisa Ann was so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable during my healing session. She’s very intuitive, she has a special gift. She helped me to find a balance in my life.She is an amazing human being. When I finished my session I felt so good, in peace and with the balance I needed at that moment. I highly recommend her, she is good at what she does. God bless her, Carmen
Motivating Experience
Amy L. says: Amy says Lisa is heartfelt in her delivery of wonderful, “right” on life information. I left feeling amazingly inspired to make life changes based on her insight. I truly appreciate Lisa’s gift and will certainly come to her again! Thank you Lisa!!!
Nailed it!
Tammi C. says: The last “psychic” I went to just told me general stuff that could have applied to anyone. Lisa was so on the money with my reading. She really nailed a lot of issues that I have been dealing with. When she began talking about a family member, she described this person and our relationship to a tee! The lady knows her stuff! You’ll be hearing from me again! Thanks Lisa!
On point!
Sonia G. says: Lisa Ann got right to business and from beginning to end was completely on point. When talking about a loved one, she even used a phrase he uniquely uses. I was blown away by her accuracy. She doesn’t mince words, she’s very warm and non-judgmental. HIGHLY recommended.
What an amazing experience!
Wendy R. says: Psychic Lisa Ann has amazing abilities and she is truly accurate! After connecting with my mother and brother who passed on, she brought me straight forward information and answers. My mother was adamant with a piece of information that I had no idea what she meant. Lisa Ann told me where I could find this information and she was right on! Lisa Ann, I cannot thank you enough!
A Real Gift.
Lyna J. says: Wow. Where do I even start? After many many psychic readings that never felt “real”, I feel so lucky to have met Lisa. She has a real gift to communicate with those who have passed on and are still with us. Her reading regarding my current career was right on target and she was able to remind me of my powerful purpose on Earth. She is highly inspiring through her experience with life and her guidance was extraordinary. I simply love her. I am so grateful for you, Lisa Ann!!!! Lyna
Luv you Lisa Ann!
Mona b. says: As always, my experience with Lisa Ann is warm, friendly, & very informative. I feel like I have known her for years so I’m always comfortable in her presence. Her abilities as a psychic are amazing & spot on! And her holistic abilities are truly wonderful. I will always go to her & her alone, & definitely would recommend her for anyone interested in seeing a REAL psychic. Aside from her amazing abilities, she is truly a warm & caring person!
So Incredibly Happy…..
Nicole D. says: My session was wonderful and I left with feelings of clarity and elation. I felt complete because my concerns were addressed clearly and concisely. Lisa Ann was open, warm, and very direct…. no fluff…. thank goodness…. and I am very much looking forward to my next reading. Next up… My sister will soon be seeing Lisa Ann as well. I would recommend Lisa Ann over and over as I have absolute confidence in her abilities. Thank you Lisa Ann… 🙂
Ashley M. says: I have gone to Lisa Ann a few times now and she is always right on with the time frame and information. Lisa Ann is very easy to talk to and has picked up on things no one would ever know about myself. Shes helped me through some difficult times and made me see the wonderful things life real has to offer. Everytime I leave it is such an amazing experience that I cant wait to go back.
Healing Session
Lauren B. says: I have know Lisa Ann for a few years now and any support or services she provides is consistently and nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will continue to see her for a long time but for all that she provides, Healing, Readings, Meditation CD’s and wonderful books, and now her new OILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do and always recommend her 100% for any modality!!!
Kelley V. says: I’ve gone to see Lisa Ann a few times now and she’s always right on target! Sometimes she’ll even tell me something and I’m thinking, “nah that can’t be true?” and sure enough it comes to fruition. Always a wonderful and enlightening experience and she’s truly gifted as well as a warm and great person. Plus I always walk away feeling great even if some of the news isn’t exactly what I want to hear she somehow helps you to recognize the benefits and how it’s ALL going to be a positive. I highly recommend her. Thank you Lisa!
Earth Angel
Patricia S. says: I have been a client of Lisa Ann’s since my Mom passed away in 2005…Lisa has helped me through some very difficult times revolving around my Mom’s death– and the messages she has passed along from my Mom could have ONLY come from my mom…no one else would have said it the way Lisa delivered it. Lisa has done many readings for me over the years, and I have grown to trust her guidance and her insightfulness. I typically write down notes during a session with Lisa, and occasionally I review them and reflect– the smile instantly comes to my face as I realize that I am essentially reading a journal of my life. Her positive energy is contagious!! I have grown so much since meeting Lisa, (both personally and spiritually that I can’t imagine not having her as a friend. The Universe has blessed me by sending this Earth Angel my way. My only hope for anyone contemplating having a session with Psychic Lisa Ann is that you open your heart & soul to the untangible, because I am certain you will walk away feeling fulfilled. God Bless!
I was surprised…
Jane K. says: This was my first reading with Lisa Ann and didn’t know what to expect. Right from the start she was accurate when telling me about my personality without asking any questions beforehand. She knew what parts of my life needed changing, saw things that are going to change and things I should start to do. It was pleasant experience and I would definitely go back. I recommend you go for yourself as everyone’s life is different as is every experience different. Jane K.
Truly Gifted – I was amazed!
Rosemary C. says: This was my first reading ever (1/2 hour via phone). Lisa Ann was incredibly personable, warm and incredibly intuitive. Her descriptions of both myself and family were 100 percent accurate. The information she passed along was not only interesting and inspiring, but comforting as well. I plan to make an in person appointment as I have always been curious about past life regression. I would recommend her to family and friends alike – she is truly gifted. Thank you, Lisa Ann! I look forward to meeting you in person. Rosemary Casey
Tom G. says: Until you sit with her you will never understand the profound experience I had. She was right on target with every aspect of the reading and I left feeling uplifted and charged. It’s really quite amazing. She immediately targeted some of the pains in my life and acknowledged people around me who were there to help. No review can capture the experience, I recommend you just go see for yourself. Thank you Lisa Ann! I’ll be back for sure.
Highly recommended
Linda G. says: Lisa Ann I had a wonderful experience. She not only help me with questions I need to know about so I can put the past behind me, What a easy person to talk to and so caring. Lisa has help me to find solutions that I did not know I even had ,but when se told me about them it all made since and now I can make some changes in my life. Thank you so much Lisa……..
Much needed clarity
Kristin W. says: I went to Lisa Ann for the first time and she provided some much needed clarity on a few issues that I have been dealing with as of late. She sees the nature of the issue at hand and did an excellent job of helping me work and think through the issues. She is very kindhearted and nonjudgmental, and I felt very comfortable opening up to her regarding what she was seeing. I left feeling very positive about what I got out of our session, and what I need to do going forward in order to heal and do what’s best for my well being. I would highly recommend Lisa Ann, and am looking forward to future sessions with her.
Becky R. says: Becky R. Lisa is the person I look to for confirmation on my thoughts, ambitions, and just about anything. Right on target and re-assuring in my ability to accomplish my ultimate goals, and better my current conflict. I wish that in the past I had remembered her advise, as I would have been in a better place. I have referred her to many, and will always be thankful to have her around. Thanks Lisa!
Wonderful Session
Dayle G. says: Although I rarely get to see Lisa Ann whenever I make an appointment it’s truly valuable. She is my reiki teacher and love the way in which she works intuitively, as do I. I’m still amazed at how she is able to pinpoint the exact deep seeded emotions that are going on and adjusts her sessions accordingly. She has given me practical advice and guidance and the confidence to move forward. You will be blessed by her gifts.
Monthly healing
Donna V. says: I have been seeing Lisa Ann monthly for healing sessions for several years now, and look forward to each. This month I happened to have an upper respiratory infection (perhaps brought on by the stress of having my home burglarized). Lisa Ann used a combination of oils, stones, reflexology and other skills to bring me relief. She was also able to advise me on tapping out my heartbreak over a lost item- I had previously attended a Tapping workshop she provided. Thanks to her, I woke up this morning feeling sooo much better!
Her readings are my therapy!
Renee M. says: I am always so inspired after I have a reading with Lisa Ann. Not only does she happen to be completely on the money with what is happening in my world, she provides excellent advice that I take with me and refer too daily. I feel that after I speak with her that there IS hope, the future is bright, I can achieve my goals and that I can be the strong woman that I want to be! Thank you Lisa Ann!
Kathleen R. H says
Kathleen H. says: Lisa Helped me to calm down with a tragic event that was untimely and to give me hope and change for the next transformation that will come into the future. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been to Lisa before and the last time I went to her she was very on point with her psychic abilities. I will be seeing her again soon…Kathleen
Amazing experience!
Barbara C. says: I had a past life regression with Lisa which turned out to be even more amazing than what I was expecting. Which only goes to prove don’t bother coming with expectations! Lisa created such a safe environment and very astutely guided me through the regression to obtain the information most helpful to me in this life. Mine happened to pertain to something that has not yet happened in this life, which my guides were keen not to let me know specifically what, but to know that my past life has prepared me in some way and to know I am protected as I move forward. I look forward to other types of services Lisa offers as this was truely an amazing experience.
Walked in messed up
Jim S. says: Thank God for Lisa Ann! I walked in so messed up I didn’t know what was wrong. But after a healing session I was completely renewed. She pin-pointed exactly what was wrong and showed me a way to go and got my spiritual self back on track. Thank you Lisa Ann!
Reinforcer & Confidence Booster
Stephanie C. says: Lisa Ann was so easy to talk to. Everything she mentioned about my personal life was spot on and only reinforced what I am to do regarding certain situations. Her gift has given me confidence in my ability as an intellectual and people person. I have already referred her to several of my friends and I plan on visiting her again soon!
What a pleasure!
Barbara Y. says: I went to Lisa Ann after a friend told me how she had helped her. I was thrilled that she was instantly able to connect with someone very special who had passed over. It was so comforting and reassuring, and she was right on with the information. I would recommend her in an instant to anyone. I will definitely go back in the future!
She’s the best!
Janis S. says: I have been to other psychics but Lisa Ann is by far, the best! Very intuitive and the recommendations she gives are just right. I also had an hour intuitive healing session and it was amazing! I have been so focused and energized in the last week, truly amazing! Can’t wait for next month for the next one!
Sandy M. says: Lisa Ann is amazing! From the second I walked into her wonderful room I felt at ease. I have been to numerous psychics in the past, but have to say that Lisa Ann was spot on. Every piece of information was scarily accurate. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants a no baloney, straightforward reading. She is professional, but very personable and warm at the same time. I will definitely go back to see her! Thank you so much – timing is everything and you came into my life at the right time!
Spot on…as usual!!
Linda H. says: I have been seeing Lisa Ann several years for readings, reiki and healing. She has given me nothing but good advice and comfort after loosing several loved ones. She is truely a gifted lady. I have taken my daughters and granddaughters to see her and she has helped to direct us all to the correct paths to be on. She is fantastic!!! I recommend her to everyone!!. Linda, Mdtn, NY
Marlene S. says: I had won a 1/2 hour session with Lisa Ann from a contest and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I know Lisa Ann from when I lived in Orange County , NY but distance doesn’t mean she isn’t right there for you. I now live in North Carolina and stay in touch with Lisa Ann’s newsletters and facebook. She knew right away that I was transitioning and asked if I was looking into a new business venture. I was. Her session gave me the boost of energy and confidence I needed to move ahead with my ideas.I have been moving forward. Her advice was not only helpful in this area but guiding lights in my personal life as well. I may not live close by anymore but the phone is the next best thing. Thanks, Lisa Ann
Spiritual Reiki Healing Session
Karen R. says: I had won a free 1-hour Reiki healing session w/ Lisa Ann through a contest she was offering. I had been to her for readings before, so I knew whatever this session entailed, it was going to be both relaxing and informative of things I may be doing wrong. From the moment I walked through the door, Lisa Ann was both welcoming and comforting, thoroughly explaining in detail what I should expect in my session. I came out of the session with some informative messages she had picked up on while working on me, as well as a sense of calmness. Lisa Ann also picked up on the fact that I could not quiet my mind while I was on the table. Though I was relaxed, I had a million other thoughts going on in my head which she told me could be quieted through meditation work. She gave me advice to go on her website and do the free 10-minute meditation tutorial from her page, which I did that night and it worked! I am having her come to my house in 2 weeks for a reading party, so more reviews are to come, but to anyone on here unsure of whether to book a reiki or reading session w/ her, you really have nothing to lose as she’s the best there is! enjoy xoxo
Didn’t know what to expect
Paddy P. says: I went for a spiritual healing session with Lisa Ann with no preconceived notions of what exactly would happen. Lisa Ann made me feel at ease immediately and her calming touch relaxed me thoroughly. I left feeling wonderful and with some valuable tips for some of the aches and pains I have been experiencing. Thank you Lisa Ann for sharing your gifts.
Truly Gifted!
Tracey P. says: Just had a session with Lisa Ann (she has been my psychic advisor for 4 years now). Each time she connects with me is more amazing than the last. She is unbelievably accurate with what is going on in my life. She not only connects with me but she also connects with the people in my life, which is very helpful and provides me with great insight into my relationships. I have sat with other psychics over the years before I found Lisa Ann and not one of them is as accurate as she is. Thank you Lisa Ann! Tracey P.
Jason B. says: I would like to thank Psychic Lisa Ann for all the kind and positive words. She has set me on the right path for my life and relationship. Thank you again, Jason
Dee B. says: I went for a Reiki session withj Lisa Ann. I was very nervous since this was my first time doing Reiki. When I was done with my session I felt very relaxed and very good. She is great at what she does. I would go back to her again. I have referred her to many of my friends. Thank you so much Lisa Ann, Dee!
Flo’s Review 1/28
Florence (Flo) C. says: This was my first reading (via telephone) with Lisa Ann who was recommended by a friend. I was extremely happy with her intuitiveness, accuracy, kindness and soft spoken nature. I have already recommended her to a friend and I am sure I will contact her again in the future.
Elizabeth L. says: This is my second visit with Lisa Ann and like the first… she gave me the comfort to know that “its okay” Sometimes thats all we really want to know. She is gifted and great at what she provides. I have recommended her to my family and they love her as well. Thanks Lisa Ann, I have passed the message on to my brother, he was emotional and said, thats all he needed to hear, now he can move on….Lisa Ann is a blessing and a sincere messenger that provided the comfort we needed to know that “it’s okay and we can move on…” Excitedly recommend Lisa Ann.
Right on!
Bev H. says: Lisa is very intuitive. This was our first visit to a psychic and Lisa knew specific details without any information prior. Very worthwhile.
Awesome Psychic
Mona b. says: I’ve seen Lisa Ann twice, the first time at the recommendation of my sister. I loved the way we instantly connected with one another. She is an awesome psychic with amazing abilities to see things beyond what one would expect. I definitely would recommend her to anyone seeking the truth about themselves and their potential future. In fact, I can’t wait to see her again. Love you Lisa Ann! You are truly an amazing psychic!
Down Home and Natural
Shelley B. says: I had my first reading from Lisa Ann. She is naturally gifted in such a way that it comes across as down home as you can get. She is able to really touch a person’s soul and gently guide them while revealing some of life’s most puzzling questions. Each person has their own agenda with Lisa Ann but she delivers her messages from beyond in a gentle, warm manner. I highly recommend giving Lisa Ann a try. She is the real deal! Thanks, Lisa Ann. I’m looking forward to the possible life changes in the near future.
Highly recommended – a wise, authentic, talented lady
CAROL C. says: I have been to psychics/mediums before so of course I am open to the idea of hearing from people who have passed on, or hearing insight about my life from someone with sufficient empathy to be able to see my ‘future’ then pass that insight on, but I am also realistic enough to know that not everyone who purports to have these gifts do indeed have them. Lisa Ann does. Most definitely. She knew absolutely nothing about me – whether I work or not, am I married or not, do I live in the US or not, do I have children, are my parents alive… nothing. Yet, her insight into my life was absolutely astounding. There was definitely no guesswork involved – the information she passed on was explicit and every single piece of it made absolute sense. This was information/insight that could not have applied to just anyone – it would only make sense to me. Without going into further detail suffice to say that I got a great deal of validation and guidance from my 1 hour session, I will use that in the context of my current life and the opportunities to come, but as Lisa Ann herself says, it is not written in stone and is not an exact science. Bear this in mind and you will get a great deal from your session, I will certainly be visiting Lisa Ann again in the future. Good Luck.
Scary on Target
Yvonne B. says: Lisa Ann’s readings are not for those who want to be told what you want to hear. Her readings are direct, to the point and I always leave saying…”that’s so not going to happen” – but it always does. Some times they are good things and some times they are not. Like loosing a job. Literally, 20 min after a call with Lisa where she told me I was going to loose my job, I was called into the bosses office and told they couldn’t keep me and that I had my two week notice. Or when she told me my daughter who is/was going through a lot, would use my credit cards with out permission…NEVER in a million years would I have ever thought she would, but they both did. Fortunately, all worked out, but it’s one of those things you don’t expect – and taught me that if Lisa Ann says it, be aware and prepare -prevention or embracing is an option. Her reading aren’t always “predictions”, sometimes they are messages – Note: totally unprovoked by my sharing since I never give Lisa Ann any information before a reading and as little as possible during our sessions – An example of her recent message to me was to stay focused, because where I am is the foundation for the future, as if I am presently in chapter 3 and it is a lay-up for chapter 9….I’ve learned to take her advice/guidance – not matter what she says and how off it can sound, it always pays-off…She gets messages from where ever it is, and shares them with you…a great Medium. I also learn about people in my world, like my ex-boyfriend, love of my life – where he is and what is happening in his world – it’s great. It’s worth every cent – it’s an investment – like a life coach. Again, don’t expect warm and fuzzy – but straight forward and to the point….and always right on.
Humbling experience
Carolyn w. says: First reading with Lisa Ann…………..blew me away and I felt a ‘peace’ after my session with her. She was “right on the money” about a lot of things and now I know why I was feeling so unbalanced. She was compassionate and caring. 4 stars for her. Carolyn W
Maureen R.
Maureen R. says: I have known Lisa for approximately 15 years. Every reading is “right on.” The reading I had last evening was very encouraging. From previous readings, things will start happening in the next few months. She is a very intelligent woman and certainly has a special gift that most people do not have. Very interesting.
A Gifted Healer!
Jennifer F. says: Lisa Ann combines her intuitive gifts with energy medicine and a compassionate, caring approach. I feel totally supported and safe in her hands and always experience profound shifts and insights during our Intuitive Healing sessions. I leave her office feeling balanced, inspired and appreciated! She is a bright light on this planet!!!
Excellent experience
Gu G. says: I sought Lisa Ann after having visited some who called herself a psychic and turned out to be a scam artist who after 5 minutes only wanted thousands of dollars from me offering some miracle cure without which, she claimed, I would be doomed for life. Fortunately I left. Thus after that experience I was reluctant to try again. But I pushed myself and gave Lisa Ann a shot and am I glad I did! Not only is she extremely accurate, but also helpful, warm, and caring in guiding you to find solutions to issues that can only helpful to you if you are open to the experience. Wonderful experience indeed and highly recommended.
So On Target!
Maryann D. says: Psychic Lisa Ann was so easy to talk to & made me feel very comfortable during our session together. She spoke to me through my father & made me laugh about things she said he said about me that were soooo true! Her personal/professional advice to me was the BEST! She is not just a psychic but a wonderful person, intellegent & warm, holistic! I would go back to her again & again & have already referred her to other people! Thank you Lisa Ann, Maryann!

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    I received a reading from Lisa that was right on point!! She clarified a few things, and confirmed what I had suspected!!! It was a huge relief off my shoulders!!! I will be returning for more readings, especially for past life regression!!! The important thing is that she got where I was coming from!!!!

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