Our Center

10544781_10152246211600079_91461601497989797_n“Spiritquest is a center for Healing, for Inspiration, for Transformation and for Remebering!  I have put my heart and soul into this Center and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

 There are no words to explain the peacefulness and amazing energy of this area!  Sunset and Ocean Isle Beach have a very special energy to them!  I am so honored to be able to have my center located in the middle of this wonderful energy!  I invite you to come in and share in my creation.  

Everything in the Healing Center has a story…from the Healing Prayer Fountain, to the little desk in my room (that was mine from a child), to the chair in my meditation room (that is as old as my son), to the Angel Wing Poem on the wall (originally written for someone who lost their son) and the custom designed Himalayan salt wings given to me by my family for my 50th birthday! 

Our shop features one of a kind items, crystals, candles, our own line of Spiritscent Essential Oils, handcrafted jewelry, smudging supplies, angel gifts, beautiful photographs in our “Art of efy” art gallery and much much more!  While you are visiting take a moment to “pick a positive thought” or “pick your angel message of the day”, walk down our Chakra healing hallway or take a moment to relax in our Meditation Room.  Take a tour of our 4000 sq ft center complete with Salt Sanctuary, Art Room, four Healing Rooms, Meditation Room and several lovely Retail Rooms!  And before you leave don’t forget to ask for a sample of our famous House Blend Spiritscent Oil!

I can promise you that when you come to Spiritquest you will always feel like you are part of our Spiritquest family!

Much Love and Light,
Psychic Lisa Ann