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download (2)It was time to start class and one by one people started arriving.  My “Hey, how is it going” was not getting the usual happy response. In fact it seemed everyone, including myself, had been having one of those weeks. Ya know those weeks where you start to think you have a target on your head. One of those weeks where you truly start to wonder if you are the only sane person left on the planet. One of those weeks where staying inside with the covers pulled over your head seems like a perfectly acceptable solution.

As the class began I started talking about energy.  I was explaining how everyone we meet, as we go about our day, becomes energetically connected to us. Yes, even those people who we  don’t actually speak to.  I like to use the visual of a thread.  Imagine everyone you came in contact with today having a thread that goes from them to you (the people you passed on the road, people in the store, even phone conversations you had).  Imagine how many threads you would have attached to you by the end of the day!  Now imagine those threads bringing you happy, energizing and uplifting energy.  Ya know the kind of feeling you get when you hang out with that friend who always makes ya feel great.  Imagine all of that awesome positive energy coming through all those threads!  WOW!

download (3)Now lets take a moment to look at the other side of energy.  Imagine all of those threads again. Logically, if they are connecting you to others, it stands to reason that not all of the people you are connected to are going to be happy. Oh boy! Now think about pulling in someones sadness, anger, frustration, etc.  UGH!  We may not want to think about.  However, that is EXACTLY what happens each and everyday!

Well now that we know that, what do we do about it? I am so glad you asked!  It is really so ridiculously simple it will make you laugh.  Ready?  We look at the energy that we have taken on from others. We choose to hold onto the good energy.  The bad energy we simply mark as “return to sender”.  Yeaph! It is really that simple! It is not necessary to hold on to bad energy!

Here is a quick exercise you can do to “Return to Sender”

See yourself standing in a field or on a beach.  Take a moment to think about each thing, situation or person who has cause you worry, concern or stress.  Put a picture to each one of those issues.  See each on of them being placed around you in a circle.

Now bring your focus on your breathing.  With each breathe in see yourself growing larger and larger (while all the issues and stresses stay the same size).  See yourself HUGE! As you look down notice how small all those issues now look!

Now imagine you have a broom and dustpan in your hand. Sweep up all those issues into the dustpan. Then notice a little box.  See yourself emptying the dustpan into the box.

Next picture a marker in your hand.  Mark the box RETURN TO SENDER. Then simply picture your angel or guide coming to take the box away!

Bring your focus back to your breathing. Taking a few breathes as you return back to your normal size feeling lighter and more peaceful!download (4)

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  • February 3, 2016 at 12:19 am

    I love your common sense logical blogs!! Keep them coming and I’ll keep reading and learning!! Thanks LA for always being you!!

  • February 8, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    Thank You-Awesome

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