Past Life Regression


We learn, share, grow…then we begin again. 
Ever wonder who you were in a Past Life?
Ever feel like you have been someplace before?
Feeling blocked by the same issues over and over?
Ever wonder where certain unexplained fears came from?
Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain places, people or things?

Past Life Regression Session:
$160 1 hour
*Past Life Regression Sessions are done in person only. I do not do them over the phone.

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Benefits of Past Life Regression:

  • Reconnect with positive childhood memories
  • Release blocks from a Past Life
  • Discover what your purpose is in this life
  • Reconnect with loved ones on the other side

More about Past Life Regression:

In 2001 I had the honor of receiving my Past Life Regression Therapy training directly from Brian Weiss (The Weiss Institute).  I truly believe that Past Life Regression is a wonderful healing tool!  Here is what you can expect in your Past Life Regression with me:

  • During a Session you are laying on a massage table, under a blanket and made to be as comfortable as possible. Hypnotic or relaxation techniques are used to help you to relax to the perfect and deepest level for you.
  • Next you are taken to a “positive” childhood memory.  This enables you to get familiar with how the regression will work.  It also gives me the chance to see how you are recalling your information (by sight, sound, feelings, thoughts, etc).
  • After a little more relaxation you are now taken back to a “Past Life” that has special significance to where you are in your life now.  Please note I take my Regression work very seriously and I do them for the therapeutic value, so it is very important to see how these memories affect your current life situation.
  • You will then be moved throughout that life, being taken to different significant events. Next you will be taken to the last day in your life as that person.
  • This is where my Regression work is very different….at this point I do NOT bring you back.  Instead I take you  (through guided techniques) over to the other side to that space in time before you decided to come back down.  It is here that you can find the answers to a lot of important questions like:
    • why did you come back down?
    • what is your life’s purpose?
    • what do you need to do next?
    • some people will also reconnect with loved ones while in this space.
  • You are then taken through another guided technique that will allow you to release whatever blocks you have picked up from that life or any others.
  • Finally you are brought back to the room once again using a guided technique.

Recording Sessions
All my Past Life Regression  Sessions are recorded with a digital recorder and each client is given a copy on a CD which can be played on their computer.

The Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Yes, everyone can be regressed (but sometimes the methods used are very different – so make sure you choose a practitioner who is experienced in Regression work).
  • No, I have never left anyone in a Past Life.
  • No, you do not have to experience a horrible past life.  It is very possible to get the information you need without “reliving” the experience.
  • No, I wasn’t Cleopatra in a past life.