Free Guided Meditation

Meditation is a great way to start your day, take a much needed break during the day or give your body, mind and soul and extra special treat at the end of your day! Please enjoy this Guided Meditation!


 Meditation is the key to everything!

Are you:

  • looking to reduce stress
  • improve your health
  • get guidance in life decisions
  • get intouch with your intuitive/psychic side
  • work more closely with your guides and angels

Guided meditation is great for beginners and pro’s alike! ¬†It will help you to stay focused while you are meditating.
Here are some quick tips:

  • start off with short meditations 3 times a week
  • find a quiet UNINTERRUPTED space
  • be sure to sit or lay down with your arms and feet uncrossed
  • if you have outside thoughts that are distraction you just bring your focus to your breathing
  • do not analyze anything you feel, hear or see…just allow your meditation to flow

THANK YOU for including me in your Spiritual Journey and Happy Meditating!