Need to sell your home? Call a psychic!

  • March 2009  DH Canvas

What a difference an economy makes.  Years ago the number one question asked was usually about relationships.  Today it is all about jobs and money.  But I have to say one of the questions I get asked most lately is “when will I sell my house”.  As a psychic it is not about me just giving you the date of the sale.  As a psychic I can also tell you why the house is not selling.  I know you are thinking “I don’t need to be psychic for that, the market stinks”.  Actually it is about a lot more than that.

People don’t realize it but your emotional state or the situation around the sale can actually energetically block the sale of your home!  People that are forced to sell their house because of financial turmoil may really need the money and have to sell but energetically they have not disconnected from the house and in turn they can block the sale.  Divorce is another good example of this.  In a divorce one party may be forced to sell the house in order to pay off the other party.  Again because emotionally this person is still tied to the house and does not want to sell they can block the sale.  Renters that don’t want to be evicted once the house sells are another example of energetically blocked sales.

So what can you do?  If you feel that you are energetically blocking the sale of your home you need to take some immediate steps to disconnect from the home.  First you need to sit down and have a long talk with yourself.  Although the sale may not be what you want it may be what is best for you at that time.  You need to realize the house is just four walls.  It is the people inside that made it a home!  You need to visualize yourself leaving the house.  You need to focus on visualizing your new space and seeing your new beginning as a happy and fulfilling change!  Meditation, visualization and energy work can be a huge help in making this change.  And if all else fails a visit to your Reiki healer may be just what you need.  I have had great success working with people on a healing energetic level!

Now of course sometimes it isn’t energy at all.  Sometimes it is actually simple real life things like people can’t walk through all the clutter in your bedroom.  Or maybe you think those orange curtains look great against the sun yellow wall but honestly no one else does.  Anyone selling a house right now needs to educate themselves.  Find out about the comps in your area (what are the other houses listed for, what have they sold for).  Take the time to visit your competition so you can see for yourself what buyers are comparing your home to.  I tell all my clients if you need to sell your home in this market the second thing you need to do is bring someone in to help stage your home. Claudia Jacobs from Claudia Jacobs Designs, LLC says, “The cost of staging is less than the first price reduction.  Staging allows the seller to disconnect from the house while allowing the buyer to connect to it.  Once a potential buyer is able to connect to a house, it will sell”.  You can read “Claudia’s Corner” in the Sundays Times Herald Record or visit her website at

Years ago during a meditation class a client asked why her daughter’s house wasn’t selling.  I immediately saw the house in the dark like no one noticed it on the street.  I told her they needed to trim the bushes and plant some flowers to draw attention to the house.  The family went out that weekend and planted a ton of mums and trimmed the bushes.  A week later the house that had been sitting on the market unnoticed for month sold!  Ah…..and you though being psychic was just about predicting the future!  Happy Selling!

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