Need Money?

So is there anyone reading this that couldn’t use some extra abundance in their life? Do you need to manifest some more money, a bigger place to live a better job……

So here is the deal….I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love and make a living at it.  I try very hard to always remember to give back.  Now financially speaking I am not at a place in my life where I can afford to give my money away so I make a conscious effort to always try to do things for others.  Sometimes it is little things like letting someone cut in front of me in line because I know they are in a hurry.  Other times it is bigger things like giving away furniture to someone who I know needs it instead of selling it for money.  Or even bigger things like helping someone start a business by consulting with them for free.  There are so many things we can do for others everyday and the best thing is you don’t need to be rich!  And even better it makes you feel great!

BUT here is the thing…..I have been trying to do good acts and deeds without having them come back to me and I am realizing it is impossible.  I volunteer to work on someone who is terminally ill, someone volunteers to help me put in a sidewalk on my property.  I give away a dresser the next day a client and friend gives me a gliding chair.  I give away a set of tarot cards I get 5 new books within a few weeks.  I have to tell you it is really starting to make me laugh.  Every time I do something nice for someone, someone does something nice for me and the cycle continues.  It is amazing!

Years ago I taught a manifesting class and of course the number one thing everyone wanted to manifest was…….you got it MONEY!  So I did a special exercise with everyone (which of course I will share with you at the end of this).  The exercise was designed to help you manifest more money in your life.  Anyway, a very wise woman “PAULA” told me to remember that when you are manifesting money do not limit your thinking to cash!  I know, I know ….what the heck does that mean?  Here are some examples:

Example 1:  When I bought my house I could not wait to do the gardens.  But the transition of moving and having both the shop and the house for several months left quite a negative impact on my funds.  I had no money left.  One of my clients and friend brought me a ton of bagged mulch, other clients and friends began bringing me plants and flowers as a house warming and before I knew it I had the most beautiful garden I could imagine.  Okay so maybe it wasn’t before I knew it….maybe it was after weeks of back breaking work…..but it was ALL worth it!

Example 2: My computer was acting up and I was told it would not last much longer.  I told the universe I needed a new computer and quick, but I had no money to buy one.  I had complete faith that the universe would take care of it….sure enough a few days later (and I am NOT kidding you) I got a credit card offer in the mail offering me a FREE computer if I transferred 5000 in credit card balances.  Not only did I get the FREE computer but I transferred my 19% credit card balance to a 0%… I am NOT kidding!

Want to hear more…..

Example 3:  It was winter time and money was getting extremely tight I was worried about how much more oil I was going to need to buy to get through the winter months.  That next day a client and friend showed up with a ton of wood (cut and ready to go) .  It was enough wood to get me through the rest of the winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I know the suspense is killing you….here is the exercise….

Picture a tiny box…it can look however you want it.
Be aware that this is your current “money box”.
Now picture and angel coming to you with a new much larger box.
Give the angel your tiny box and take the bigger box from the angel.
You have just traded in your money box!
Now sit back and let the abundance flow into your life!

I can not wait to get your testimonials and remember it doesn’t always come in the form of cash!  So pay attention!