Happy New Year 2009

  • Jan 2009 DH Canvas

I could not decide what to write about this month.  At first I wanted to do an uplifting piece to start the year off right.  Next I thought I really need to address the MAJOR issues going on in this country.   Then I heard how more people than ever before are visiting psychics, so I thought I should address that.  Finally I decided to do what I always do when I can’t make a decision.   I decided to write about all of it!

Happy New Year!
I love, love, LOVE Jan!  I say this every year!  Having a background in retail and having had a lot of “commission” jobs I always looked forward to Jan because that is the one time when everyone on the “sales” team started with a fresh slate.  Every New Year was a new opportunity to do better than the year before.  What I never realized was how that experience translated into my everyday life (even years after escaping the world of retail).

To this day I still look at Jan as a new beginning.  On Jan first we open our new calendars, we set new goals and we eagerly look forward to what the New Year will bring!  It is not a time for worrying what you didn’t do, should have done or could have done.

So as I wish you all a Happy New Year I challenge you to truly leave 2008 behind and look ahead to the great things you are about to achieve.

Time to look in the mirror, don’t ya think?
While I am thrilled Jan is finally here, I can’t help but AGAIN ask myself what the heck is going on in this country?  Everyday I get calls from frantic clients looking for answers as to why this is all happening.

I truly believe that until we all come together, help one another and treat each other with compassion we will not turn this current crisis around.  Think I am overreacting?  As I sit here typing this article I can’t help think of the Wal Mart employee who lost his life when he was trampled by Black Friday shoppers!  Seriously is this what we have become?  It is time for each one of us to stand in front of the mirror and ask ourselves, “What can I do to be a better person?”  Would it kill you to hold a door open for someone, say thank you to the cashier, let someone who has ONE item cut in front of you in line, not beep the car horn the minute the light turns green?  Have we gotten so used to our darn email and texting that we no longer know how to interact with one another as civil human beings!

The next time you are frustrated, angry and fed up…think about the Wal Mart employee that gave his life so some shoppers could save a buck!  It is time for a change!  It starts here and now.  If every one of you reading this article would do something nice for someone you would see good deeds spreading like wildfire!  Let’s give it a try

Never thought you would go to a Psychic
It was brought to my attention that more people than ever before are turning to psychics due to the uncertainty of the current economy.  To this day I still laugh when people tell me I am not what they expected.  We still have the image of the 200 pound old lady with the funny hat on her head glaring into a crystal ball while incense fill the room.  While that vision is very entertaining being a psychic is no longer about entertainment.  Psychics use their intuition and abilities to help counsel and guide their clients (a reputable psychic will never “tell” you what to do).  And just for the record a honest psychic does not tell you that you have a curse on you that can be removed for ridiculous amounts on money.  If you have a curse on you here is what you do.  Ditch the psychic that told you that.  Take the money they wanted and take yourself on vacation!  I guarantee you will feel better when you return (a lot better then if you threw away that money by giving it to them).  Remember no one can make your life better but you.  If life was as easy as removing a curse we would all have perfect lives, now wouldn’t we?

A client once told me that all her friends were asking her why she comes to me.  She gave the greatest analogy I have ever heard.  She said, “Going to Lisa Ann is like going to a therapist except she already knows everything I need to discuss and get guidance on without me saying a word, so it saves me a lot of therapy time.”  Now before all you therapists write me I am actually very pro-therapy (and actually work with and refer a lot of my clients to therapist when needed)!  Going to a psychic is just another form of information seeking people use.

So if you are looking for answers and guidance or maybe just want to connect with a loved one, maybe a psychic visit is in your cards.  Just remember to get a referral from a friend to make sure you are going to someone honest!