Guides & Angels

  • Dec  2007 DH Canvas


Are our guides people we have known who have passed over?


Actually they can be.  Guides can be loved ones who have passed, people we have known in previous lives, and sometimes they are people we have never met!

I also would like to make it very clear that guides, loved ones and angels are around to “guide” us.  They are not allowed to interfere in our lives.  Many times people will say to me, “Well if my mother is looking over me then why did this bad thing happen?”  The answer is simple because you chose to have that particular lesson or experience.  Many of us can look back on really bad things that have happened in our lives and think “WOW, if that bad thing never happened I would never be where I am today.”  Of course there will also be bad things that happen that we just can’t understand and that is okay.  Just know those on the other side do.

It is my personal belief system that we have one Guardian Angel that is with us from the moment of our birth till the moment of our death.  Throughout our lives many guides, angels and loved ones come in to guide and support us.  You can actually have many guides, angels and loved ones around you at any given time.  You can also have different ones to help you through different challenges in your life.

So remember to be aware of those helpers looking over you from the other side!  Remember to invite them in to your life, acknowledge them and of course to thank them!