Contacting Your Spirit Guides

  • Oct 2007 DH Canvas


What can I do on my own to facilitate my spirit guides being around me?

Okay here is where I need to step in to the world of reality and simplicity.  My motto is “keep it simple” so here we go.

Now you will find a million books on spirit communication, talking with angels and guides.  You will find a list of 100 things you must do and lots of advice like set a time everyday, don’t eat meat or chocolate, have a perfect room, and on and on and on.

Now keep in mind that this is just MY opinion but all of that seems like a lot of work and besides I LOVE CHOCOLATE!

Honestly, all you need to do is invite them in!  REALLY it is that simple!  Let your guides, angels and loved ones know that you would like to work with them.  See, now that was easy.

Now for the hard part…the hardest part is the listening.  In order to really hear them you must clear your mind of the daily clutter and questioning that we all do.  The ONLY way to do that is through meditation.  And don’t worry you don’t need to climb a mountain and meditate for an hour everyday at sunrise.  Just take a few minutes a day to connect with the spirit world.  Oh and by the way there is no time on the other side so don’t worry about doing it the same time everyday.

I also suggest keeping a journal so you can see how accurate the information you will get truly is!

So here it is….short and sweet….If you want to get in touch with your guides angels and loved ones:

Invite them in
Learn to really listen

If you need help learning how to meditate, simply go to my website and click on Meditation Classes and then click on “Learn How to Meditate on Your Own!”  It is simple and free!

Happy Connecting!