Amazing Healing

Recently a client of Spiritquest came for a Shiatsu session with Paul Kelly. During this session Paul picked up that their gall bladder was jitsu (meaning it had a lot of energy) and her liver was kyo (meaning it had no energy or a lack of energy). In Shiatsu, your using the generation cycle, liver is the child of your kidney. So if your liver is off it can mean that there is a problem with your kidney.

A week later our client came to the Monday night meditation circle and informed us that they had just found out they had kidney stones. The client had remembered what Paul had picked up during their session and was quite shocked that he had picked up there was a problem in that area. The client informed him that they had been having some incredible pain in their back. When they went to the doctor they did a cat scan and found kidney stones. The client was referred to a Urologist and had an appointment the next day.

During our meditation circle I was asked if I truly believe in the amazing healing of Reiki…was I ready to see a miracle. I was then told to take everyone in the class and perform a Reiki healing on our client with the kidney stones. After class we went into the healing room. Everyone there was given a specific location on the client’s body to work on and no one was told what was wrong with the client. Paul and I were the only ones who knew about the kidney stones. After the first few minutes some of the healers reported that they felt drawn to her stomach. Paul worked some Shiatsu points and Reflexology points on the feet. I worked directly over the right side of the stomach where I felt drawn to. While working on that spot I saw 3 or 4 small masses, which I assumed, were the kidney stones. Then I saw the strangest thing… As we all were working on the client something caught my attention and I looked up. I saw a white spirit dressed as a doctor. He walked up to the healing table, shook his head and said, “you humans make everything so difficult” and he laughed. “It is so simple” he said. He leaned over the client’s right side, took a pair of pliers and removed 3 or 4 small masses. “There!” he said. “Simple as that, but you are all so cute.” Then he left.

I was EXTREMLY hesitant to share what I saw with the other healers …but most have known me for many years so I did. We all chuckled and someone said, “that must mean they are gone. At this point some of the healers felt we also needed to work on the back so we had the client flip over. At that time our client asked us which side we felt the stones were on. Paul, myself and another healer explained that we felt drawn to the right and the client confirmed that indeed that was where they were.

I felt no surgery would be needed and I hesitated to say that the stones would be “totally gone” but that is what I felt. Several of the other healers came up with the same conclusion.

The following Mon our client called. She had gone to the urologist and guess what? NO STONES! He couldn’t explain it and seemed quite confused. The stones were plainly visible on the cat scan taken days earlier.

A miracle? A healing?

We had 4 Reiki Master Practitioners, one Reiki II Practitioner and one meditation student who is not Reiki certified (she was able to assist us by doing some simple visualization) working on this client. I must say that NONE of us cured this client, nor did any of us heal them. As Reiki Practitioners we are simple channels for this amazing healing energy!