Facials with Bonnie Leeson

Facials with Bonnie Leeson – Esthetician (NC License #E 18148), owner of Myotone is available for Facials at Spiritquest in Ocean Isle Beach.

My skin wellness center comes with years of experience and the latest technology to help you tap into your body’s ability to heal itself.  We have awesome healing capabilities you just have to open the door to lasting results for new healthy skin.  So before you think facial think skin health and let me help you achieve YOUR NEW FACE OF THE FUTURE.

Please call (910) 444-2229 to book your session.

Bonnie offers a wide variety of skin care services and a complete line of botanical products at affordable prices.  In addition to that she can provide you with a complementary comprehensive skin analysis and prescribe the best treatments for your unique skin problems.  Bonnie also offers treatments for problem skin, adult acne, cystic acne, and dry damaged skin.


Beach Facial     30 mins     $55.00
Cleansing and deep hydration with ultrasound treatment for increased circulation and skin health.  Finishing with SPF moisturizer and manual massage.  Give your skin a boost.

Problem Skin Facial     45 mins     $65.00
Cleansing, extraction if needed, spot treatment over breakout area, red light therapy, hydration, finishing with SPF moisturizer and manual massage.  See the healing difference.

Ultimate Toning and Hydration Facial     45 mins     $95.00
Cleansing, microcurrent toning of entire face.  Deep moisturizing and finishing with SPF manual massage.  Is similar to anti-aging without the red light therapy for individual deep line treatment.   Also requires a series of 8 to 12 treatments for lasting results.

Spiritquest Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial     60 mins     $125.00
Anti-aging; as we seek a way to regain our youthful look the technology is here.    Skin cleansing, microcurrent is combined with red light therapy to tone muscles, along with other modalities to refine fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damaged skin.  High tech equipment allows for stimulation of new cells, toned, and deeply hydrated skin, finishing with manual massage with SPF moisturizing cream. It has been called the mini face lift, without the pain and down time of more invasive procedures.  For lasting results it requires a series of treatments 8 to 12 depending on your skin.  Maintenance is required once a month but the big news is you can slow down the aging process.  WELCOME TO THE FACE OF THE FUTURE.  Come in for free consultation and demonstration of how the process can change your face.

Light Therapy Treatment:   additional 15 mins      $25.00
Can add on light therapy for problem skin or sun damaged skin

About The Practitioner
With 30 years of research and development, Bonnie Leeson, is a Medical Technologist,  Myotonologist, and Esthetician.  She worked with Dr. Harry Elden, (former director of National Institutes of Aging in Washington, D.C.). Bonnie was also a teacher and trainer for many types of equipment, and treatments for five states and was the Medical Research Assistant to the Director of the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland.  She was also Co-author of two papers in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Bonnie has also worked with many other doctors from around the world.

“With a deep curiosity in how your body works and a background in health, fitness, and medicine I was on a journey of research and development that ended up focusing in skin care.   I was looking for natural ways to slow the aging process and retain strong healthy skin.  Over the years and many pieces of equipment I have found holistic ways of treating skin and turning back the hands of time with natural healing techniques.

We are living longer and our exposure to sun, poor eating habits, and not much exercise has unfortunately caused an increase in the aging of skin.  In our area living near the beach and spending a lot of time in the sun, skin damage here is a part of our life style.  My skin wellness programs are tailored to your particular needs. Your face is the first thing people see so welcome to the face of the future and let me help you …put your best face forward.”

Bonnie Leeson

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