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-All clients need to pre-pay for their appointments and all clients are seen by appointment only.

-Appointments are non-refundable.

-Appointments can be rescheduled if 24 hours notice of cancellation is provided. If you do not provide 24 hours notice your pre-paid amount will go to pay for the appointment time that was reserved for you. If you wish to rebook, you will need to pre-pay for another appointment.

-No refunds for missed appointments.

-Please do not arrive/call more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time as I maybe in session with other clients and unable to let you
in/answer your call.

-Please be aware that when you book an appointment you are reserving a block of time with me. I charge by the time, not by the service. If you arrive/call late you will be given the remainder of your scheduled time.

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If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you may call 910-444-2229 or email us at SpiritquestHealingCeneter@gmail.com.

Please read “What is your appointment policy?” before calling.

[/x_accordion_item][x_accordion_item title=”Are Shop & Private Appointment Hours the same?” parent_id=”faq-1″ open=”false”]

No, the retail hours are not the same as my private appointment hours. I take private appointments Mon – Sat before and after the shop is open as well as some afternoons while the shop is open (and my fabulous assistants are there to cover the shop).

You will be able to see all available openings when you go to the booking site.

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My Readings can give you:                                                                 

  • clarity on past, present and future issues
  • guidance on personal, business or relationship  issues
  • comfort by reconnecting you with a loved one  who has passed
  • important information from your guides, angels and/or past lives

Spiritual Reading Consults

  • Many times when you go for a Reading the first thing the Reader will ask is “what do you want to know?” or “what do you want to focus on?”  When I do a Reading I do not want to know anything about you ahead of time.
  • I am a Psychic and a Medium which means that I see, feel and hear things. I am also able to communicate with those who have passed. When I do a reading I prefer to see what I pick up on first.
  • At the end I always leave time in case there is something else you would like to ask about. I always start my Readings with tarot cards but I don’t always use them throughout the entire Reading, it all depends on the person I am reading for.
  • As a Psychic and Medium I use the information I see, feel and hear to help advise you about the circumstances and situations around you.  It is not my job to make decisions for you nor do I have a magic wand.  I pass on the information and you make the decisions.  You are responsible to make the choices necessary to bring about the changes:)
  • Every session is always different and I honestly never know what will come up. I can cover past, present, future, health, relationship, money, career and of course connect with those who have passed. I work with my guides, your guides and sometimes your loved ones who have passed to help you better understand your current life situation so that YOU can make the best possible choices for you!
  • YES! I do tell you everything I get! As a Reader it is my belief that if I am receiving the information I am meant to pass it on. I don’t believe in sugar coating the information or filtering it.  But you will be happy to know in 15 years I have never had a client pass out or run out of the room screaming.

My philosophy
If you are coming to hear what I have to say…please come. If you are coming to hear only what you want to hear…then I am NOT the reader for you:)

Taking Responsibility for your Reading:

Whenever I do a reading I always try to explain to my clients that the cards are not written in stone.  As a Psychic and Medium it is my job to tell you what I see, give you some insight to what is currently going on around you and tell you what is coming up in your future.  It is NOT my job to tell you what to do or make decisions for you.  You have to remember that you have “free will”.  What does that mean?  Let’s say I tell you, “I don’t see you getting that raise or promotion you want and it looks like you would have to move on from your current job to get where you want to be in your career.”  You have the choice of either staying in your miserable going no where job OR you could send out resumes and seek out a better job.  Let’s say I tell you, “I see a lot of communication problems in your relationship and I see it has been a very rocky relationship for quite some time.  I also see it is not going to change.”  You have the choice of either staying in that bad relationship or moving on to something better!  If I tell you I see you meeting the love of your life in 6 months and you never leave your house or go on a date, guess what, you most likely won’t meet them!

There are three main things that affect the accuracy of a reading:

  1. The reader’s interpretation of what information they are getting.  I try very hard to relay word for word the information I am receiving during a reading.  I also try to not let my own thoughts or interpretations get in the way.
  2. What the client hears as opposed to what is being said.  It is a fact of life that many times people only hear what they want to hear instead of what is actually being said.  I think we have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives.
  3. The free will of the client to act on the information they have been given.  As we talked about earlier the reading is just the beginning of the journey.  It is what you do with the information that is the most important.

So the next time you go for a reading remember if you like what you hear then you take it as confirmation that you are on the right track.  If you don’t like what you hear it does not mean you are doomed forever.  It simply means “YOU” need to use your FREE WILL to make some changes.  And from all of the Psychics out there PLEASE remember we are not GOD we are Psychics!  We tell you what is coming up but you need to do the work to make it happen!

Remember…..Life is what you make it!


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Intuitive Healing Sessions are done in person only. I do not do them over the phone.

How the healing works:

If you were 5 years old and cut your leg open and got stitches, when you are 65 you are still going to have that scar on your leg even though the injury is no longer there. Eastern philosophy believes that just like we have a physical body, we have an energetic body. When we go through stress, illness, losses of loved ones, injuries, traumas, etc it settles in our energetic body. That is why someone can have a car accident and injure their neck. Ten years later they still have pain but there is nothing on an MRI or Cat Scan. The trauma of that accident has settled energetically in the body.

During the Intuitive Healing Session I work to help you release those energy blocks and reduces stress which helps to boost the bodies natural immune system. In the years I have been doing Intuitive Healing work I have seen some pretty amazing things.  Intuitive Healing should by no means be used as a substitute for medical treatment but it can be a great benefit for many things.

In my personal experience I have seen:

Clients reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce medications (as per their doctor) for many different diseases and ailments, heal form surgeries and injuries a lot quicker, recover from emotional traumas (with the help of traditional therapy as well), release blocks and fears that have held them back, and the list goes on and on and on. I have even had several clients who, to their doctors amazement, did not need the planned surgery after their Intuitive Healing Sessions (see Amazing Healings – under Articles by Lisa Ann).  In addition, I have been working with many therapist who refer their clients to me.  While I am a BIG advocate of “talk therapy” the truth is you can only talk about what you are aware of.  An Intuitive Healing Session can quickly pin point where the block is.  You can then take that information and continue to work on those issues with your “talk” therapist making the healing process a lot faster!


What is a Intuitive Healing  Session like?

As I said earlier, every session is different and custom tailored to fit the YOUR needs.  During the actual healing you will be on a massage table fully clothed, the only thing you remove are your shoes. You will be on the table for an hour. Certain areas of the body…head, arms, legs you will feel me touch gently. Other areas I am working above you.  I use essential oils perform a chakra balancing with every session and sometimes will add healing stones to the session.  When I am done I will tap you on the shoulder just to let you know I am finished. I will then leave the room for a short while and give you time to rest. When I return we will sit down and discuss everything I picked up from the session and I will give you any suggestions or recommendations I may have.

Who is Intuitive Healing  good for?
Intuitive Healing is perfect for everyone! (Especially children and the elderly) It is not invasive and is a great addition to any other western or eastern treatments you may be currently be receiving.

How often do I need Healing Session?
This is something that really needs to be decided on an individual basis. For most clients I tell them they should have some kind of body work done once a month as a preventive maintenance. However, if you have a disease or illness, if you are having/recovering from surgery or if you are working through an issue/block in your life you may need to come on a more frequent basis. I always work with my clients to work out a schedule that feels right to them.


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Past Life Regression Sessions are done in person only. I do not do them over the phone.

In 2001 I had the honor of receiving my Past Life Regression Therapy training directly from Brian Weiss (The Weiss Institute).  I truly believe that Past Life Regression is a wonderful healing tool!  Here is what you can expect in your Past Life Regression with me:

  • During a Session you are laying on a massage table, under a blanket and made to be as comfortable as possible. Hypnotic or relaxation techniques are used to help you to relax to the perfect and deepest level for you.
  • Next you are taken to a “positive” childhood memory.  This enables you to get familiar with how the regression will work.  It also gives me the chance to see how you are recalling your information (by sight, sound, feelings, thoughts, etc).
  • After a little more relaxation you are now taken back to a “Past Life” that has special significance to where you are in your life now.  Please note I take my Regression work very seriously and I do them for the therapeutic value, so it is very important to see how these memories affect your current life situation.
  • You will then be moved through out that life, being taken to different significant events. Next you will be taken to the last day in your life as that person.
  • This is where my Regression work is very different….at this point I do NOT bring you back.  Instead I take you  (through guided techniques) over to the other side to that space in time before you decided to come back down.  It is here that you can find the answers to a lot of important questions like:
    • why did you come back down?
    • what is your life’s purpose?
    • what do you need to do next?
    • some people will also reconnect with loved ones in while in this space.
  • You are then taken through another guided technique that will allow you to release whatever blocks you have picked up from that life or any others.
  • Finally you are brought back to the room once again using a guided technique.

Recording Sessions
All my Past Life Regression  Sessions are recorded with a digital recorder and each client is given a copy on a CD which can be played on their computer.

The Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Yes, everyone can be regressed (but sometimes the methods used are very different – so make sure you choose a practitioner who is experienced in Regression work).
  • No, I have never left anyone in a Past Life.
  • No, you do not have to experience a horrible past life.  It is very possible to get the information you need without “reliving” the experience.
  • No, I wasn’t Cleopatra in a past life.

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